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Sunday Wrap-Up July 16th, 2017.

Alright so I've been watching an Aaron Sorkin drama so bear with me if this week's wrap-up is overly inspirational and soaring. Let's start there in fact. 

The Newsroom.

For years I have heard about this show. Heard how it was a mess, how it didn't hold a candle to Sorkin's earlier masterful work and how basically it was just totally meh. 

The only real clip from the show I had seen was a scene from the pilot episode during which Will McAvoy, played brilliantly by Jeff Daniels goes off on a poor student asking why America is the greatest country in the world by retorting that America isn't the greatest country. The number of times I have seen this clip, been shared this clip, or just been asked, texted, and messaged this clip is absurd. I've seen the clip, I love the clip, and I think it's actually pretty inspirational(something that I think is lost on most people). Beyond that though, I hadn't paid Newsroom the time of day. 

Which honestly is really weird. I adore Aaron Sorkin, like I love this man and his creative talents. He is a master storyteller. A Few Good Men, Sports Night, The West Wing, and The Social Network are just some of the gifts he has shared with the world. Then there is the fact that Newsroom is a show all about journalism, all about the news, something that is particularly important to me as someone who has had a life long love of journalism, which has only grown stronger and more powerful as I've entered my 20's and turned toward that profession. I could talk all day about Aaron Sorkin and journalism but suffice to say this is about as Logan ass a show as is possible after The West Wing.

So anyway, this week I finally bit the bullet and after thinking and debating about it for years, finally decided to give the ol' show a chance and it's great. I can't give enough praise to Jeff Daniels utter restraint and brilliance as Will. He manages to carry around such a mixture of gravitas, confidence, anger, fear, mastery of his craft, and just goofy quirks. In short he's a person. A flawed, incredible, messy, fascinating person. His relationships and connections with the rest of the staff, at least through the first five episodes, and particularly with regards to Mac and Charlie are fantastic and reminiscent of some of Sorkin's finest character relationships. 

That said the show can definitely go overboard and be a tiny bit eye-rolling at times. Yet, when Newsroom gets it right, like the end of the 2nd episode for example I am left just gobsmacked and inspired beyond measure and there is no higher compliment I can give a piece of art then that. No. The Newsroom isn't the West Wing. No, its' not as inspiring, powerful, or beautiful. But damn if it ain't good television in it's own way. 

I'm definitely going to do a season review of this, which will be my first TV thing in a while. Get ready.

Crash Bandicoot.

I swear to god I will actually beat this game at some point in time. 

I have around five levels left in Crash 1 and I can confirm this game is hard. 

The first island is far and away the worse. The more I think back on that and watch the let's play I recorded from that island the more it annoys me how rough of an opening that is.

Game is really fun though. I can't wait to beat it and get to the good stuff with Crash 2.

Let's Play series is still going with this with the first 7 parts up now. I think parts six and seven in particular are good stuff, with the best coming soon. 

Going forward my plan is for new episodes of the Crash series to go every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with a special weekend episode as well. I've had a lot of fun recording this series. 

Gettin' Dem Mad Editing Skillz

I have spent quite a bit of time these past few days and today in particular editing my video review for SpeedRunners, which I suppose is in itself just an excuse to better learn the software so I can finally start really knocking around with my video essay series. That SpeedRunners review is coming along pretty well and should be ready to go within the next few days here. 

Very excited about it and curious to see y'alls thoughts. Definitely going to polish it up some more and gotta do more VO for the review but it's coming along better then I could have thought honestly, considering I knew basically nothing about what to do even two weeks ago. Happy with the pace of progress and knowledge. 


For the love of god everyone go watch Roger Pokorny's essay on Linkin Park and U2. It's fantastic, thoughtful, and honestly really brilliant. Literally inspired almost daily by it, which is something I never thought I'd say about anything having to do with Linkin Park. 

Myself and Roger were also invited onto Quinten Hoffman's show Break in Reality, which apparently I'm now co-hosting?, it was an amazing time and legit is probably one of my favorite podcasts i've ever done. This is only partially due to the 20 minutes me and Roger spent talking about Flavor of Love which was fantastic. Everyone should really watch Flavor of Love.

So that's basically it. Shorter wrap-up this week because I gotta go and edit more of that review and work on more of the let's plays....alright I'm gonna watch more Newsroom, sue me. 

*Note this is not an actual challenge to sue Logan or anyone related to him.

Luv all y'all. <3 

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