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Sunday Wrap-Up June 25th, 2017.

Sunday Wrap-Up June 25th, 2017.

No time for a real intro because I got all the thoughts about a very relevant and topical video game.

Ocarina of Time.

I thought I would open this week's wrap-up by just jumping right into my experiences with Ocarina of Time and what I think of it so far. But before that I just want to say one quick thing. I was wrong.

Ocarina of Time isn't a bad video game, it is in fact a good game. One that is filled with spark, humor, and a colorful cheesy whimsy that I can't help but love. The game is flawed and in some regards it hasn't aged well(cough 3 hearts cough) but on the whole it is mostly what I needed it to be. I don't hate Zelda. I don't think Zelda is bad, at least not this one. I was wrong. 

The fire temple is nearly flawless, a joyous and fun experience that transported me back to 1998 in wonderful fashion. It is EASILY the most fun I have ever had playing a Zelda game and what I wished the game always was. Thoughtful puzzles, interesting, diverse enemies, and a brilliantly realized setting. It was great. 

That boss fight is pretty terrible though. Like, man what a bomb that was. 

It can't be a Zelda thoughts piece without me complaining about at least one thing though right?

Leaving the fire temple having finally had the game truly click for me and having finally slain that asshole of a dragon, I for the first time just let go and let myself just enjoy this game. I just let myself ride around on my nice horse, just did some odd jobs, just explored and wandered around. I found myself forgetting the problems with the game and the aspects that haven't aged great and instead just found myself enjoying the silly, over the top thing.

I don't know, the game is super cheesy in the way that only something that came out in the 1990's can be. But, I mean I love the 90's, it's my decade, it formed and shaped me in a lot of ways, I like the cheese(which is good because there is a lot). It can be eye-rolling occasionally but the big thing that surprises me about Ocarina is just how self aware it is, how in on the joke it is. The game is filled with jokes, puns, and self-depricating humor and honestly its kinda great.

Anyway the games good and I'm cautiously looking forward to the next dungeon, the water temple. Nobody's ever said anything bad about that one right?

Crash Bandicoot. Let's Play. Get Hype.

Roughly two weeks ago I bought some new gear to help me capture and record gameplay. I did this to allow me to among other things start to do let's plays. I also did this knowing that the unquestioned first let's play I published would be over the Crash trilogy remake coming out at the end of the month. 

I have spent countless hours tinkering, testing, and figuring my way around this whole new world of video content. I have learned a great many things, had a fair bit of fun, and have gotten very very excited for Crash to come out, something I didn't think I would say. 

Come this Friday and the release of the game, me and a buddy of mine are gonna strap in and play through the entirety of the first Crash game for the very first time. 

My feelings towards Crash are so mixed, so fleeting, and so shrouded in the foggy memories of my early youth( for example I'm not even sure if I've actually played the first game or if it's just a false memory) that I'm excited to jump into all three of these beautiful looking games and finally settle for myself exactly what I think of the Bandicoot. 

On top of that is mixed the rush and thrill of excitement I feel towards finally starting my first series of let's plays and video content. This let's play run is just the tip of the iceberg and y'all better get ready, cause it's about to get real dumb. I'll also tease that I am in the VERY early stages of doing my own video essay series in the vein of The B List, Rogformer show, and Alex Talks. So yeah, your about to see my pretty face all over your computer screens soon. Your welcome and bare with me.

Top 5 Nick Live Action Shows.

So I asked Alex O'Neill in his Sunday Chats what his favorite live action Nickelodeon show is and I think it's only fair I share mine. The thing is I gotta do everything bigger, so I went the extra mile and jotted down my top 5 fav live action Nickelodeon shows. Enjoy and then come scream at me on twitter about how wrong I am.

*I am sure I forgot something so this list isn't quite definitive. 

1. Kenan and Kel- I mean come on. Orange Soda y'all. Coolio does the theme song for god's sake. Did I mention this is the creative force behind the masterpiece film Good Burger. It doesn't get better as a 90's kid then this. 

2. Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide-This show is just top notch. Basically if you were ever a kid at any point in time, if you ever went to school and had to deal with the many complications that entails this show was made for you. Cookie is the best, Gordy is the homie. The romances, relationships, way friendships spawn out of feuds or end out of nowhere, it's all there. The humor, lessons, and tone of the show reflected where so many of us are at during middle school. I particularly love the fact that the show feels like it's in the middle of something, mainly because it is. This isn't the start or early beginnings of something, this isn't Rugrats or some show set in elementary school. These characters have lived a life, have started to form a part of who they will become. Yet, it's also not yet another show about kids in high school getting ready to finally leave the only world they know. It's the middle, it's the bridge. We see Ned, Cookie, and Moze grow and begin to transition to adulthood, to where they are headed. We see the cast of characters around them evolve, grow, and fall away in different forms. This is neither the beginning nor end of their story, it's just a single, simple 3 year run of who they are, of who their becoming, and of where they might go. It's just the middle and I loved that.

3. Drake and Josh-So, here's the thing despite what my controversial twitter poll might have suggested I love Drake and Josh, in fact I think it's great. I mean honestly in a lot of ways it's just Kenan and Kel for the mid 2000's. So shoutout to Meghan, the crazy movie theater employee, and both the parents this show is lit. See how hype I am?  *Bonus Fun Fact Drake and Josh and Ned's Declassified are the last two shows I ever watched on Nickelodeon. Both ended around the summer of 2007, long after I had stopped watching everything else. I'm nothing if not loyal to my favorite shows though.

4. The Amanda Show-I mean Amanda Bynes is the best thing that happened to you if you were growing up around the turn of the millennium. This is a perfect variety show style program that showcased her talents tremendously. I still make references to this show near weekly, still make jokes that I stole from this show. Basically just the bridge between Kenan and Kel and Drake and Josh, indeed both Drake Bell and Josh Peck got their start on this show, The Amanda show is a tour de force of the creative energies, talents, and dreams of so many of the big stars and future stars of Nickelodeon and it's a joy to watch still. 

5.  So I've actually backed myself into a corner inadvertently. My picking a top five I'm now forced to exclude some shows I have very fond memories of. What do I pick and what do I choose to knock out, ultimately though there is one show that needed special shoutout and so I'm picking Legend of the Hidden Temple for my top five, because there ain't any shit cooler then this show. This was, is, and will forever remain the jam. 

**Special Editors Note. All That was purposefully kept off this list because I mean, come on it's basically just the genesis of every single show I've named. Also because it's in the running for being possibly the most influential show I've ever watched and that's no lie. Please watch All That y'all.

So that's what I got. From Ocarina, to Crash hype, to let's play news, to the absolute no mistakes at all ranking of Nickelodeon TV shows that's all I've got for you. Y'all the best and until next time, have a good one.

Special Shoutout.

Well that's all save for the very special shoutout this week. The fantastic, far too talented, and far far too young Roger Pokorny just graduated from high school today. Roger, aside from being a master of video essays and full of some of the most impressive creative talents, is also one of the nicest and most genuine people I got to meet and spend time with in San Fran. So go heap lots of positive vibes and congrats his way, even if he is just a dumb young kid who voted for Drake and Josh over Kenan and Kel.  

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