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Sunday Wrap-Up June 11th, 2017.

Hey it's been a sec. I took the last two weeks off of writing my weekly wrap-up due to the insanity of how busy I've been of late. So I figured there was no better time to get back to my weekly wrap-ups then during the busiest week of gaming, E3.

But first some brief thoughts on these past few weeks.

Kinda Funny Live 3

So my full thoughts and recap of KFL3 can be found over at 2 Player Co-Op's youtube channel where I did a full 90 minute react to the crazy week in San Fran I had and gave dozens upon dozens of shoutouts to all of the fantastic and far too talented people I hung out with. I'll include the video at the bottom of this wrap-up.

That said I'd feel remiss if I didn't at least mention my California adventures that were years in the making.

I had a Mac N' Cheese Grilled Cheese that was straight up a gift from the gods.

Hugged Nato, Moises, Roger, Alex, and many more both tons of times and also not nearly enough.

Went to IGN. Yo that's a place y'all. Also shoutout to Kiersten who killed the tour.

Andy Cortez is the homie and killed KFL3 like nobody has ever killed anything. 

Greg "Try To Keep Up" Miller made me and about a thousand of my friends nearly cry talking about what the community meant to him, Tim, and each and every one of us. A stunning emotional high of the trip.

Nato brought TimTams and I ate nearly an entire package of them all by myself. It was magical. 

Anyway those are just some of the highlights, you really should watch the recap I did with the 2 Player Co-Op guys, it's one of my favorite videos I think I've ever done, mainly because I peer pressure Sean into agreeing to go next year.

Post KFL3 week.

One of my very best friends in the whole world got married this week, it was incredible. The two day rehearsal and then the actual near 14 hour long wedding day were amazing experiences that I will treasure, they also sapped the last bit of my voice that was left after KFL3.

But like who needs a voice anyways right?

The cumulative toll of nearly 5 weeks of constant adventures and shenanigans finally just robbed me of my voice and left me eager to sleep. The sleep I had this morning was some good stuff. Voice is better and I'm excited for more E3 type excitement this week. 

Still. Probably won't plan next May and June quite the same.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

This game is pretty good y'all. 

Ok, so that's probably not a shock to most of you, but after my very mixed feelings on Zelda 1 I was definitely worried that my decades long ambivalence towards Hyrule had been correct. 

Happy to report that's not the case(at least so far) regarding Ocarina. The game has a whimsy, a spark to it that Zelda 1 never did. It feels colorful, joyful, and full of mischief and life.

Do I still have some problems with the game? Yes, a hundred percent. But I am enjoying this leaps and bounds ahead of Zelda 1. I really do feel this series works best as a 3D style game.

Also shoutouts to Gorons, those green goofballs are the homie.

Also I am still somewhat early on so if the game dramatically changes from here don't @ me.

Xbox's E3 Conference.

I talked about it quite a bit on IP's conference react but it really just didn't do anything for me.

Ultimately just felt like a totally meh conference. Particularly coming off how good their last few conferences have been. 

This was the year where Xbox should have sold us on the Scorpio, trotted out it's big new exclusive games, and mapped out what the future of Xbox would be. In a vein similar to how Sony mapped out their future a year ago.

Instead, there were a lot of games, but the vast majority just seemed like mid-tier titles. It was a lot of filler with very little meat to the bone. Instead of charting the future of Xbox, this year seemed more like a holding pattern. A wait and see approach to things, something Microsoft can scarcely afforded when they are down this much against Sony. Hell even Nintendo is riding a wave of positivity right now. Why does anybody need an Xbox One X? I don't really know and it seems like Microsoft doesn't either. 

Still, the Last Night and Life is Strange Before the Storm look HELLLLLLLLLA dope.


I honest to god can't even do a proper shoutout this week. How can I after the flood of amazing, talented, and wonderful people I met last week.

Alex both of the O'Neill and Van Aiken variety. Moises, Quin, Jono, Jack, Ben, Xyger, Mario, and Jordan. The absurdly talented Christen whose video recaps of KFL3 are an absolute must-watch. How do I not include Nato that beautiful aussie who just radiates joy and happiness. Where do I put Elmer, Cass, Andrew(both of them), Sam, Richard, Bless, Ian, Sean, Russell, Brandon, Frank, Nabeshin, etc, etc. To say nothing of Trevor who is just a treasure and a joy to be around all while wielding a mind both incisive and critical and yet also full of humor and kindness. I mean christ where do I put Joey?! Joey who was a rock during what easily had to be one of the craziest and most hectic weeks of her life, who killed all of the community stuff in a way I still can't quite fathom. 

All of which is to say nothing of Andy who as I already mentioned was bloody amazing all week long. Then there's Kevin or Tim or Nick or Cool Greg who really is the coolest or of course Greg who continues to inspire me away each and every day with his energy, passion, dedication, joy, and love of life.

I can't help but give a shoutout to each and every one of these people and the many whom I forgot to mention because I am slowly losing my mind. They all stunned me with how funny, welcoming, supportive, talented, and just great they all are. Kinda Funny is special for a lot of reasons, but this group of best friends who have risen up around it has to be pretty damn near the top. I am thankful for meeting, talking, laughing, and just being dumb with each and every one of you I had the pleasure of meeting at Kinda Funny Live 3, here's to next time y'all.

Also shoutout to Kevin and Sean who let me ramble for 3x longer then originally planned in my KFL3 recap because I don't know how to shut up/was too excited about everything that had gone down. Those two guys continue to amaze me and I somehow find myself loving you boys more and more every time we interact.

I love you all. Thank you for supporting and enjoying what I do. Be awesome to each other and to yourself, y'all are the best. Until next time. 


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