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Sunday Wrap-Up May 7th, 2017

A few weeks ago I finally succumbed to the pressures of the larger pop-culture world and purchased comics for the first ever time. I bought a few different books but the book I was arguably most excited about was a classic Batman story. A story that spans one year in Gotham City. I want to talk about this story now that I've finished it up.

Let's talk about the Long Halloween.

The Long Halloween.

This story is real good guys. Obviously I knew that going in, I knew that this was one of the most critically acclaimed and beloved comic stories out there, but actually reading it, actually getting to see Tim Sales incredible art for the first time...that was something else. 

For starters Long Halloween very clearly served as the major inspiration for much of what Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale would do with the Dark Knight series and their interpretation of the Dark Knight. 

The Long Halloween is dripping with sadness, sorrow, and a overriding sense of melancholy, yet there is also unmistakably a spirit of hope throughout the whole thing. Despite everything, despite every curveball, tragedy, and misstep that occurs Batman and James Gordon continue to believe in Gotham. They continue to believe in their city and it's ability to preserve and rid itself of the evil that has infected it for so long. 

That hope and the way Bat's and Gordon carry it with them throughout the long and tumultuous story led to the Long Halloween featuring two of the truest and best renditions of those two characters. 

Wonderfully layered, complex, mysterious and with a masterful handling and understanding of Bruce Wayne, James Gordon, Harvey Dent, and the aggroant, troubled, and bloodthirsty underworld of Gotham City, The Long Halloween understands these characters and the world they live in better than nearly any other story set in this world.

What a story. Beautiful. Fantastic film-noir tale. A triumph. Read this if you haven't, it's a masterpiece.


This game is just a disappoint. It's sorta boring, has wonky controls, and wants to be something that it clearly fails off the mark from.

It's not that Abzu is a bad game, it's not, it's just that something feels off and not quite right about this game from the opening seconds. This game isn't Journey, yet it's more than that, I'm not sure the makers of Abzu even really knew what made Journey special to begin with. 

The pretty visuals are here just like in Journey, but they mask a shallow, convoluted, and hollow experience. Nothing remarkable is happening here, there's no desire to explore or spend any time in this world. The mystery they lay just muddles the picture without providing any interest or extra layers to the story. 

So yeah...I don't love this game. 

Super Meat Boy

Weirdly this has been the game I've played the most this week. I wanted something simple, something easy in the aftermath of finally finishing Horizon. Super Meat Boy is a great, very different, game for this.

Man. I still can't believe just how brilliantly crafted this game is. It's just fun, it's just more clever, it's just a pure joy to play. Start to finish few games have been as rewarding to learn and grow at than Super Meat Boy. 

If you haven't played this, you really really are doing yourself a disservice. 


Alright, this isn't so much a shoutout as me saying that here in a few weeks I will be traveling to Memphis to engage in some shenanigans and that I have a over four hour drive to get there. So I will be listening to lots of music and podcasts. 

So, if you got any suggestions...that'd be great. 

Anyway it's waaaay too nice outside today, so I'm gonna run and enjoy this nice day. 

Until next time everybody.

P.S. I played Frisbee Golf today. That's a real good sport. Did get a little sunburned tho. Still I won...I think, sorta lost track of the score around the 9th hole and just started making stuff up. Regardless fun.

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