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Sunday Wrap-Up April 9th, 2017.

Sunday Wrap-Up April 9th, 2017.

Hey so I got Persona 5 delivered today. 

I've never played a Persona game before. I have no attachment or previous connection of any kind to the series. Honestly, I had no real idea of what to expect and was definitely surprised by what I've found so far, more on that later though. I don't really play JRPG's and thus Persona is going to be a fascinating first foray into this genre I have few preconceived notions of. 

I'm excited about this. I'm also nervous about it and most of all I'm very curious to see where this mammoth undertaking that is Persona 5 takes me. Maybe I'll love it, maybe I'll hate it, but no matter what it will unquestionably be unlike anything else I've ever experienced and that's pretty cool regardless.

So yeah...Persona 5 guys. 

Horizon: Zero Dawn.

This game is awesome, forget so much of the crap I've thrown it's way. I mean not really, but damn this game gets phenomenal in it's final act. 

The final rush of story missions are some of the most stunning, brilliantly realized, emotional, and clever I have come across in some time. The game gets lifted to such wonderful storytelling highs as the game closes and Aloy as a character finally really shines that I was left floored at just how good this game was again and again.

What a remarkable thing Guerrilla made here. 

Persona 5.

Ok. So I want to be very clear that I am SUPER SUPER early in Persona 5. I have been told that this is going to be a massive 100 hour long undertaking. I, as of the time of writing this, have played exactly one hour. I just want to make all of that clear before I start talking about this game. 

Anyway, this game is a super weird, goofy, over-the top, joy. I haven't even started school yet and am already waaaay too excited about that aspect. I love high school age games, particularly ones that explore the various relationships/bonds that form at such a crucial time of our lives. Persona 5 already has such promise and intrigue to everything. I can't wait to see how things are going to shake out with certain characters. Or if my young hero really is destined for ruin and a tragic end as was prophesied for him. 

There is so much going on, so many side characters, so many stories swirling around, and so much to explore, do, and experience. Honestly, in many ways Persona 5 is far more cinamatic and film like than I expected. I love that and can't wait to see where this game is going to take me. Feel like I'm making Alex and Greg proud every second I play it. 

Still haven't met the weird talking cat though, so it's not all great. 

Video Editing Update. 

I spent a fair bit of this weekend shooting, reshooting, and editing stuff for a video series I want to launch. I am somebody who basically had zero prior knowledge on how to do ANY of this stuff...so it's been a bit of a nasty learning curve these past few weeks and months. Honestly, once I get done writing this I am probably going to watch and read and try out a lot more things to really try to learn something about this whole new crazy world. 

All that said, I have decided on a rough shape of what I am going to do(probably). It's going to be shortish, very low edited, ramblings in front of a camera. Just me giving my thoughts and hot takes(as Jurge Cruz would say) about games, movies, and pop culture at large. Then again, maybe it won't, what do I know?

Learning the tools to do even somewhat good video content is something that matters a great deal to me and will(hopefully) help push me one step closer to actually breaking into the larger games journo industry so...here we go boys and girls. Be ready something is coming soon...ish.


Andy Cortez is a hella dope guy and he also just so happened to have started working at Kinda Funny this week. He's a joy, he's hilarious, and he brings such a wonderful sense of fun and excitement to everything he touches. Kinda Funny is a better place because of him and I can't wait for KFL3 in less than two months so that I can hug the shit outta this kid. Go kill it Andy.

Anyway, I got Persona to play, more video editing skillz to learn, and an absurdly nice day outside to ignore. So, until next time have a great one everyone. 

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