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Sunday Wrap-Up April 30th, 2017

Sunday Wrap-Up April 30th, 2017

It rained for nearly three straight days. Rivers flooded everywhere, bridges and roads were overwhelmed and the area dam had to be opened to help ease the massive surge of water. 

My family went to a Schlotzky's deli and a furniture store in the midst of all of this. Sometimes I wonder why I'm so goofy/quirky and than I remember that we arranged a family dinner in the midst of a historic Missouri flood. 

Anyway, we all made it to the restaurant in question and I got a pretty good brisket sandwich out of it too. 

For something more positive, the rain finally stopped this morning and it is now stunning outside. Perfect blue skies and shining green grass fill the world. Nice breeze and a cool 65 outside. But we're here to talk games, so let's talk.

Horizon Zero Dawn.

For the final time you will see Horizon in the what I've been playing section. I(finally) beat Horizon two months after it came out and I first started my journey with Aloy. I'm really just going to talk about how the ending was handled(spoiler free of course). 

Emotional, sad, and bittersweet are all just a tiny fraction of the ways I've described Horizon and all ring true in the games final moments. The games final scene, is as beautiful and strange a mix of tragic and inspired that I've seen since Uncharted 4 last year and was perfectly realized to close out my giant, sprawling 45 hour journey. I can not stress just how touching the final scene is.

Of course, the game than had to deliver a weak and unnecessary post credits scene that took a bit of the emotion punch out of things, but even that couldn't take away from what Horizon has achieved. It is a remarkable video game and you can absolutely expect my very timely review to go up sometime this week. Spoilers, games real good.

What Remains of Edith Finch.

Everybody play this game. Don't read anything about it, don't watch anything about it, just play this astounding two hour long experience. It's quite possible it's my game of the year right now. 

Play it. 

You're welcome in advance.

Fast and Furious watch-along. 

I just want to talk about the fact that I was watching and reviewing all the FF movies before it was suddenly a cool thing to do(I'm looking at you Starkey). Obviously I kid and I more than welcome the fact that yet another person recoginzes Tokyo Drift for the trash it is.

My plans to watch Fate of the Furious got pushed back a week so now I will be seeing that film tomorrow, with my rankings of the entire series subsequently being published afterwards.

Regardless, I have enjoyed my watch through of the entire series far more than I expected too. Don't get me wrong, a majority of these movies are either outright bad or simply ok, I'd only say two or three are actually well made films, but there is something undeniably special with Fast and Furious. These characters and the actors portraying them imbue everything with such heart and joy that it is, mostly, impossible not to be swayed by the silly antics, quirks, and magic of it all. 

Who knows, maybe I'll write something about that too.


Speaking of which this week's shoutout goes out to Trevor Starkey who was also crazy enough to watch all of the Fast and Furious films in rapid succession. As someone who just did the same thing, I understand just how brutal and miserable of an undertaking this can be at times, cough 2 Fast and Tokyo Drift cough, so god bless you Trev for also doing something no one else is crazy enough too. 

That's all I got. Have a beautiful one all you boys and girls. 


Racing across the finish line: A Ranking of the Fast and Furious Films.

Racing across the finish line: A Ranking of the Fast and Furious Films.

Sunday Wrap-Up April 23rd, 2017.

Sunday Wrap-Up April 23rd, 2017.