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Sunday Wrap-Up April 23rd, 2017.

Sunday Wrap-Up April 23rd, 2017.

 Let's talk about the Fast and the Furious.

As I've spent this past week watching the entire series I have been hit with a wave of different thoughts and emotions. Rewatching 1-3 and then seeing 4-6 for the first time I have finally been able to truly apparicate and understand the evolution and transformation the series has undergone over the course of all of these years. 

The thing is, I am very unsure about a good many of these changes. As of the time of writing this and right before I get ready to go watch Furious 7, the OG Fast and Furious film still may be my favorite. I'm not totally sure about it yet, and I also have a great deal of affection for 5 and 6, but damn...there really is something just special and different about the first one. Eager to get into more of why I think that is when I go through my review/rankings of all of the films later this week.

That said. And I want to be very clear about this, Tokyo Drift is a bad movie guys. Like a really, very, not good at all film. Han is great, he's a joy to watch, but Tokyo Drift, at least to me is unquestionably the worst acted, written, and made film in the entire series. Nothing works or clicks like it should with the sole exception of Han.

Han himself is perhaps a prime example of a larger concern for the series. Han's best performance is in Tokyo Drift where he is excellent and single-handily saves the film from being a total bomb. After Tokyo though he slowly devolves into a character of himself, becoming less "cool" and more cartoonish. He's never anywhere close to bad, Sung Kang is far too talented and skilled an actor to allow for that, but the character as a whole is so misused and underutilized that I am still dumbfounded and concerned. A similar thing happened to Mia in FF6, hardly in the movie at all and a shell of the character that was so wonderful in FF1.

Anyway. I'm watching all the Fast and Furious movies. Pretty lit at times, also pretty bad. Either way I am very very excited for Furious 7 tonight and Fate of the Furious tomorrow. 

Persona 5.

So I haven't played a lot of this game over the last week. I very quickly played through the first eight or nine hours and got right to the end of the first palace and than just found myself frustrated with some of the gameplay and mechanics of the battles. 

I also still believe that the actual battle and palace segments of the game are the weak and are the parts I look forward to the least. I love the world, story, and characters so much, I want more of that and less of the distraction that is battling. 

I'm finally ready to dive back in after my short break and I've received some tips and advice about how to approach things in a battle. No matter what though, the world and atmosphere of Persona 5 is incredible in how it makes you feel, think, and act. What an achievement. 

Horizon Zero Dawn

I have played this game in such a disjointed and broken way that I honestly feel like I've done a disservice to Horizon. The week it came out was a mess in terms of me finding time to play. Right after the first week was PAX East and me being gone for five days. By the time I got back I was tired but finally ready to really sink my teeth into the game and that's exactly what I did. 

That is, until I hit a certain point in the games story. From that point on my time with Horizon has basically consisted of me getting these random surges with the game again where I am just consumed by it for a day or two and than go back to other things for the rest of the week.

Now all I have left is the games final mission, yet even here I must muck things up and be troubled by my desere to get all the allies on my side and by my attempts at getting a plat for the game. I have decided that none of that really matters and that I owe it both to myself and to the game to finally just sit down and at last knock off this game and see what the ending has in store. 

I'm sure I won't be disappointed. 

I mean hopefully. My feelings about Horizon definitely don't match with the norm at times.


Hey! It's Kyle Seeley's 25th birthday! If you don't know who Kyle is, he is the mind behind the wonderful and nostalgia fueled Emily is Away. With the upcoming sequel releasing next month, be a doll and go give Kyle a very happy birthday( @KyleSeeley23). He's a great guy and I enjoyed meeting him at PAX East and using him as a soundboard during my demo of Emily is Away Too. 

That's all I got. Have a good one boys and girls. 


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