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Sunday Wrap-Up April 2nd, 2017

It is super late as I write this, so forgive me for keeping it a bit shorter and for it being a bit over the place. 

It's April!! The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and vibrant greens, purples, and blues fill the world. Opening Day on the newest baseball season has dawned and my beloved Yankees kept it nice and close and lost by only 5 runs today. 

I'm hoping April will be the start of me starting to write something I like again. As someone who NEVER gets into writing or creative funks, I currently find myself in one of the first and longest funks I may have ever found myself in. I have like 5 or 6 unfinished pieces just languishing away now. Good ideas in all of them but nothing that I really love to any of them. I haven't liked anything I've really written since around Pax East time, here's hoping that will change starting today.

Super Very Not Definitive At All Early Game of the Year Talk.

So...like it's waaaay too early to really get into GOTY talk too much right now. A quarter of the year may have passed but that still means that 75 percent of the year awaits. That said, the first three months of this year have been one of the greatest runs of games in a long long time. 

For me GOTY begins and ends with Resident Evil 7, something I never expected to say when the year began. Heck, I wasn't even sure I was going to play this game until right before it came out. Yet, here I am in love with so much of Resident Evil 7's magic.

The game has flaws, particularly regarding those damn boss fights, but RE7 is a triumph in unnerving, psychological storytelling. It features one of the richest, most fascinating, and stunning antagonists games have seen in some time in the Baker family. Steeped in complexities, dark humor, and viscerally intense moments RE7 made me love and appreciate a "horror" game in a way I perhaps never have before, it made me care about a series, in Resident Evil in a way I never did before. 

Fun to play, with a nerve wrecking world, and a story that is genuine, emotionally fraught, and far deeper than it had any right to be, Resident Evil 7 is the best game I've played so far this year... and that's maybe the craziest thing I've ever written.

Still, Horizon is great and I haven't quite finished up with that yet, I still need to find the time at some point to jump into Yakuza Zero and I am dying to play Night in the Woods. All to say nothing of the fact that Breath of the Wild is apparently like an ok game or something? Maybe I'll check that out too, but no promises. 


So I've got three quick shoutouts to give before I finish up this week's wrap-up. First off the wonderful and super talented Alex O'Neill had a birthday this past week. I could spend all day talking about how great Alex is and how much I owe him. But it's late and there are other times for that, say suffice it to say that I love Alex lots and can't wait to see him again in two months for KFL3, we are going to burn that city down. 

Second, shoutout for the week is to the awesome and absolutely fabulous 2 Player Co-Op guys who just hit 300 subs on Youtube. These guys deserve all of the great things that have come their ways and the best is absolute yet to come for them. Kev and Sean are some of the nicest and best guys I know, and far more importantly are also Yankees fans. Go check out 2 Player Co-Op on Youtube, Twitter, or anywhere else, they are lit to quote the kids(Note I have been informed that's not actually how kids talk).

The last shoutout of the week is to just give a quick heads-up that everybody should go check out Danny O'Dwyers newest excellent documentary on the Witness. It is incredible even for people like me who have never played the Witness, so go watch that now.

Anyway, it's super late and that's all I've got, until next time have a great one everybody. 

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