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Sunday Wrap-Up: Monday Edition!! March 6, 2017

Hey. Hi. Hello. So...been a pretty quite week for games huh? 

But really this past week has been a rather odd one. I feel like so much of my time has been dominated by Zelda, Horizon, and of course Logan. All of which I'm sure many of you can relate too, with one tiny difference. I'm not talking about Breath of the Wild, but instead Zelda 1. So let's start right there.

The Legend of Zelda.

So, I mean I dunno, I've talked a lot about this game at this point and I haven't even finished it. As of the time of writing this, I have just beaten the 7th Dungeon, putting me in striking distance of finishing up this game once and for all.

My feelings and thoughts have been refined, evolved, and sharpened since last week's Wrap-Up that was basically dedicated to the game. 

In short. 

This game is still overly obtuse, not user friendly, and complicated just to be complicated. All things I have very significant problems with and all things that I continue to believe haven't aged well. This game simply isn't friendly to new players and I still believe it's near impossible on a first try without using a guide. 

I'll never get on board with the bombing random walls in select rooms, or pushing the fourth block down on the right hand side stuff. I just won't. 

That said...there is something to this game. Dare I say it, this game is fun. Slowly learning my way around Hyrule has been a welcome joy. To say nothing of the Dungeons which fill you with such a sense of completion and joy upon beating them, that it almost makes me forget their flaws. Getting through each one gives me a very Mega Man esque vibe, which isn't really a surprise but is still nice nonetheless. 

I still have to beat the game, so my thoughts can change somewhat but this game is clearly important. I said that last week, but I feel like most people ignored it, so I say again, The Legend of Zelda is a monumentally important video game that is also flawed and that also hasn't aged well in parts. The game is also fun and has stuck with me in a way that I keep going back too. All of these points can be simultaneously true. The game is an enigma in ways both good and bad. Not one of the best games I've ever played, but certainly one of the most important, it has me more excited for the future of the series than anything. I need to find a way to play Link to the Past, Ocarina, and Wind Waker, particularly Link to the Past or Alex, Sean, and Kevin might kill me.

Horizon Zero Dawn.

I tweeted about it already but the big takeaway I've had so far in Horizon is just how sad and melancholy the game is. From side quests, to the main story, to simply the way the characters and world feel, this is a game that is somber and tragic in ways I didn't expect but absolutely love. 

I am also fascinated by the games handling of religion and spirituality, something I feel like nobody else is talking about. Honestly, I'm so intrigued by it, both for it's missteps and successes that I am seriously thinking about writing a piece for IP about the games approach to it. 

World is big, beautiful, and inviting. Always eager to just learn more, to discover more about these people and what happened. These tribal rivalries that developed are also brilliant and thought-provoking. 

All in all just a wonderfully made game, that I am sure to spend more time getting lost in. 

But for real, Horizon's approach to religion and how it treats it is fascinating, the part I am easily spending the most time wrestling and thinking about now. I really want to see where the story goes particularly to see how it evolves on this. 

Also Robot Dinosaurs are of course amazing.


I saw Logan, it's spectacular. I said on twitter yesterday I'd have the review up today, but you know what...I'm a big ol' liar. This is mainly due to the simple fact that I keep adding and writing more and more about the film. I have too many thoughts and too many different things I want to say and discuss about it. I am going to do my very best to have something up about the movie by Wednesday at the latest though. 

I keep going back to how this film is a masterful reflection on greatness and destiny and the cost and burden of both. It is astounding in how it tackles this and shows the toll they take on Logan in a way few movies have for their heroes before. 

Laura damn near steals the whole show. She is fabulous and a joy to watch in a way I didn't quite expect. Makes me laugh, smile, and tear up in a very Ellie way, which is about the highest praise I can give her. 

The movie is simultaneously the best western, comic, post-apocoloptic, and meditation on greatness film I've seen in years. It's also probably the best representation of a Last of Us movie we will ever get. 

Damn, this movie is real good guys.


Shoutout for the week is to Colin Moriarty's appearance on The Rubin Report. It is a brilliantly wonderful, intelligent, and endlessly thought-provoking conversation on the state of politics and how things got so wrong. Whether you agree or not with either one of the two, they are incredibly intelligent, well-spoken guys who know what their talking about and it is a joy to see them discuss the various issues covered. 

Plus, it's nice to see Colin get so obviously excited about being on the show. So be a doll and watch it already.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my long and final Wrap-Up before the excitement of PAX. This weekend in Boston will be nuts I have been assured. So, until than keep your eyes peeled for my thoughts on Logan in a few days and have a good one y'all. 


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