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Sunday Wrap-Up March 20th, 2017.

I've done it. The unthinkable has happened. I, Logan Wilkinson have finished a Zelda game. After countless hours of frustration, anger, wonder, anger again, and multiple people online disagreeing with my thoughts, I have finally finished The Legend of Zelda. The game that started it all and invented genres from thin air. 

The Legend of Zelda.

And, where do my thoughts sit after all this time and energy spent playing the game...well I'm not quite sure. Zelda 1 is a weird game, certainly it is flawed in ways I don't think some acknowledge. I also still believe that the game hasn't aged well in some areas and that it is overly obtuse and complicated just because it can be. I will die on that hill defending those thoughts, I'll probably be all alone on that hill but I still think there true. 

Yet, after so many hours spent playing Zelda I am left with an odd sensation, a feeling I can't quite describe. There is something to Zelda, that perhaps is why I am so disappointed by it's (many) flaws and inexplicable decisions. The game doesn't really make any sense, but you sort of find yourself loving that by the end. 

There's no difficulty scale, random dungeons will skyrocket in how brutal they are and immediately be followed up by the easiest yet. Even at the end this is true, with Dungeon 8 being astronomically harder and more difficult than the final dungeon. The enemies and their placements are baffling at times and the map, particular in dungeons leaves something to be desired. 

But Zelda 1 doesn't care, it's telling it's wondrous, adventure fueled story and everything else be damned. It's beautiful at times, you can almost feel yourself falling victim to Stockholm Syndrome  as you hear the same three songs for the 500th time, but it works. Tracing your steps going through the same areas of the map again and again, it works in ways it shouldn't(mostly) and leaves you with a strange feeling of just how far you've come and of nostalgia for where you began. 

This game is unlike so much else, not always or even often for the best, yet there is something magical to it, there is something that draws you too it, certainly towards the end of the game. It's got a sparkle, a little twinkle in it's eye, a mischievous glint that lights up the screen. Zelda 1 is special, it matters, it's among the most important, consequential, and groundbreaking video games ever made, but I had always said that, others just didn't want to listen. 

Even now I'm not quite sure of my feelings, of my thoughts. I had originally planned on writing up a review of the game after I beat it, now I don't know. This rambling mess that is my thoughts in the literal minutes after beating it may just have to stand as my review, as my thoughts, feelings, and emotions on the game. People have never disagreed with me more than with my constant thoughts on Zelda 1 and I can already say they will disagree with my final opinion of it. Zelda 1 is a video game that matters, it is a video game that paved the way and blazed a path for untold games to follow, it is not however an amazing video game, it is a good one and that's enough. At least it's enough for me and with that I move on to the next adventure. 

Horizon Zero Dawn.

I wished I liked and could enjoy this game more than I do. More accurately I suppose I should say I wished I liked Aloy more than I do. I love the gameplay, world, story, and side characters, but Aloy is awful. She is condescending, arrogant, and mean to people for no reason at times. 

I understand she was an outcast from her tribe her whole life, I am not even saying it isn't justified  in a lot of ways, but I feel like her constant bitter attitude and chip on her shoulder just grates on me. She is so dismissive and biting in her criticisms of others thoughts, beliefs, and spirtuality that I honestly can't believe some people have joined up with her. 

There was a moment when someone lay dying and started to pray and I started to cringe because my first thought went to the fact that I expected Aloy to mock him for it, she didn't, although she was incredibly harsh and flippant over the death of someone. She just doesn't seem to care about anyone. Even when others help her she doesn't really seem grateful or acknowledge thanks. 

One of the leaders of the Nora tribe has been providing assistance and help to Aloy from seemingly her first seconds alive and even here Aloy is shockingly arrogant in how she knows more and in how the beliefs the old women holds can't possibly be true or are just simply ignorant. It doesn't matter if Aloy is right or wrong, usually she's correct, there is simply a right and a wrong way to have a dialogue with someone who has different thoughts and beliefs than you and every single time Aloy has a conversation she does it the wrong way. People have died trying to teach her otherwise and no real remorse(expect in one case) is shown. Aloy cares and is interested in the truth, in the helpless, in finding out what happened and in getting answers, all very commendable and indeed admirable traits to have, she just goes about it in the worst way I have seen a character do it in a very long time. Very long. 

Still, I am going to play more because the game is a joy to play and because I still believe that Aloy can turn the corner and step away from being one of the worst character's I've seen in some time. Fingers crossed I guess.


Not so much a shoutout as me wishing Trevor Starkey a happy birthday. Technically his birthday was yesterday(Sunday) but since this is called the Sunday Wrap-Up(even as I post it on a Monday for the 3rd week in a row) it still counts. Happy Birthday Trev and hopefully your feeling better after the bout of Pax Plague you had. 

Anyway that's all I got, until next time have a good one everybody. 

P.S. Oh also I got Dominos pizza for lunch, I just figured I'd share that because Dominos is the best and because declarative statements are fun, right Alex?


Some thoughts on the Legend of Zelda 1.

Some thoughts on the Legend of Zelda 1.

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