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Weekly Wrap-Up: March 13th, 2017.

Weekly Wrap-Up: March 13th, 2017.

This is not the post I thought I'd write when I woke this morning. 

Heartbroken, sad, hopeful for the future, and BEYOND energized for what comes next, both for me and a certain Kinda Funny group, my emotions are all over the place after the twin whirlwinds of Pax East and Colin Moriarty leaving Kinda Funny. So let's start with the breaking news about Colin.

Thank you.

That's the very first thing I want to say. Thank you. As a nerdy, sports loving, history major with a deep passion for both politics and games, Colin has of course been someone I've looked up to in games. His wit, breadth of knowledge, and commitment to his craft are immense and served as sources of inspiration for me. 

I love Kinda Funny. It is without question the single biggest force for video game coverage, friends goofing off, and positivity in my life. Colin is a massive part of that, he is quite literally a creator of that. That won't change, he will always be a co-founder, he will always support these guys. I mean for gods sake he and Greg still live together.

Podcast Beyond is the reason I write about games, it is a fundamental reason my interest and hobby of playing games turned into a deep passion and love for them. It is because of Greg and Colin that I fell in love with telling the stories of games, of writing, reviewing, critiquing, and discussing them. These two are such powerful sources of light, laughter, and inspiration in my life. Through them I was able to be introduced to Tim, Nick, Kevin, and countless others. 

I am exceptionally sad and sorrowful about Colin leaving Kinda Funny, I'm not going to sit here and pretend otherwise. It is a shitty, miserable feeling. But I am an optimist, I believe tomorrow will be better then today and I believe that both Colin and Kinda Funny will be better in the end. This has always been true and it remains so now. Anyway Pax.

Pax East 2K17

Pax East was my first event I've ever covered as press and to say it was surreal at times is the understatement of the year. Sitting in the press room and looking over to see Marty Sliva, Sean Finnegan, and Alanah Pearce sitting just five feet from me was super weird to say the least. In so many ways large and small Pax was a wonderfully powerful example and reminder of why I do what I do. Of why I put in the work, the long hours, and the late nights spent writing.

To go to all of my appointments and talk to developers who have put their life into something, it was simply indescribable. I love video games, I love what this medium is capable of, I love talking and writing about it, Pax only deepened and stoked the flames of that love more. It also made me far better at what I do. 

Irrational Passions.

Getting to meet face to face and work with Alex, Tony, Danny, and Jarrett was an experience that meant the world to me. These are some of the hardest working, most passionate, and wonderful people I've met and it was, is, and always will be an honor to work alongside these guys. 

We did a shit ton of work at Pax. Worked very long hours, walked through the North Pole to get to the convention center, and published countless previews of games. In short, we crushed Pax and really gelled as a team. I have said it before and I'll say it again, I am exceptionally proud every single day that I am part of Irrational Passions and I put my heart into service for the site. Everyday I expect Alex to realize I'm just some silly kid from Missouri and take back my position, after Pax I feel a little better that won't happen. But just a little. ;)

Shoutouts/Thank you's.

Far far too many to give. I am going to start however in light of today's events with Greg Miller.

 Like I said earlier, Beyond is the reason I do any of this, the spark that ignited this crazy adventure I've been on ever since. Greg is the real reason though. I adore this man. I love him for everything he has done. The style and way I discuss games or movies I took from Greg. To just talk like your sitting down on your old couch just shooting the shit with your friends from school. Greg is such an unyielding force for and of positivity that he breaks through the tiresome anger and vitriol out there on the internet and instead powers through with his sense of optimism, hope, and love for others. I always say that Greg is my north star, my point zero in this crazy games journalism adventure. I look up to him like a big brother and am inspired and humbled by his humor, smarts, compassion, empathy for others, and infinite love and passion for games and the people around them. 

And getting to meet him and have him crash IP's group dinner Thursday night was one of the craziest experiences of my life. We didn't talk much, I mostly sit quietly and just soaked it in, a quiet Logan is the rarest creature in the world. However we did talk a bit about Missouri obviously a subject near and dear to both of our hearts. Getting to meet Greg and then seeing him, along with Tim and Nick the next night was a fantastic high that solidified i'm doing the right thing. Rest assured Greg, when we meet at KFL3 this summer I'll be less quiet, I'm already sorry in advance. :)

Now we get to the real thank you of the week, Alex Motherfucking O'Neill. Alex is the best. It's that simple. I still don't quite understand why he ever gave me a position for Irrational Passions, why he ever let me write for his site, show up on his podcasts, or just spend four days talking about the Last of Us, Hamilton, and why Banjoo Kazooie is a bad game. Alex creaked open the door and I proceeded to knock it right off its hinges and not give him any time to catch his mistake. Alex might honestly be the most kind-hearted and empathic person I've ever met. He is without question one of the most driven, talented, and funny. There is a reason people are just drawn to him, like Greg he is a source of light, a beacon of positivity and optimism in this world, there is no better quality to have. I love this kid, can't believe he introduced me to Greg, and am incredibly proud to write for Irrational Passions. He will take the games industry by storm some day, I have never been more confident of anything. I hope to be right by his side when he does so.

Danny Juarez, Jarrett Green, and Tony Horvath are exceptional people who made me and my creative output better just by being around me. Jarrett is easily one of the most intelligent and articulate people I've met in games. The way he can dissect and analyze games simply astounds me, I could listen to him talk for hours. 

Danny is such a force of joy and happiness, a fountain of youthful energy that you can't help but be happy and excited in his presence. His joy over everything is infectious and I miss him very much right now. Guy gives real good hugs. Likes Yu-Gi-Oh though and that's pretty effed up.

I can't even with Tony because the guy is just the tops. I roomed with Tony during Pax and his presence, humor, and ability to make everyone around him just feel better makes him the real hero out there. Tony cares about others, it's that simple, that fundamental. His care and passion is real and it's a joy to see. Introduced me to some Giant Bomb stuff and that shit is lit fam. If he wanted to, he could for sure take the world over.

Beyond all of those, some people that come to mind include Xyger, Trevor Starkey, Dustin, Ben, Michael Martin, Tim Gettys( the homie of all homies) and literally dozens of others. Pax was a rewarding, long, and emotionally re-energizing experience on another level. It fulfilled me in ways personal and professional and left me with a lasting impression that I'm going in the right direction and maybe just maybe I know what I'm doing, if only a little. I loved every second, even the rough parts, like say a 21 hour stop in Chicago on the way back. 

P.S. The Irrational Passions team has written a ton of Pax previews which you should definitely read over at the site

P.P.S If I forgot you I'm sorry but it took me 21 hours to get home and I'm very tired now. 

P.P.P.S I promise next week I'll actually you know, talk about games.



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