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Sunday Wrap-Up February 26th, 2017.

Sunday Wrap-Up February 26th, 2017.

I want to cut to the chase and talk about Zelda 1. So, here we go.

The Legend of Zelda.

I've been thinking a lot about older games and how we view them recently. This is largely in light of me getting the NES Classic and playing through many of these games for the first time. 30 classic games on one tiny box. People love the NES, they love this era of gaming, in a way I never was able too. Yet, I truly do believe a number of these "classic" games haven't aged well. 

Nowhere has this hit home more than with Zelda 1. I didn't like the game. I thought it was unnecessarily convoluted, not enjoyable, and having little spark to the proceedings. Worse still was the simple fact that the game is shockingly harsh on new players. I'd go so far as to argue it's near impossible to progress very far without having some form of help. 

Predictably these opinions weren't popular ones. So I started it up again and played more...only to still dislike it just as much. This was also not very popular, so after a few weeks away and finally succumbing to using a guide to help me figure out just what the hell was going on I jumped back in yesterday and suddenly found that I totally think the game is...ok. 

Not spectacular, but not terrible either. Zelda 1 is a totally good, competent game. I stand by that this game hasn't aged well. In fact I believe this so strongly in the face of everyone disagreeing with me that I have shifted things around to make this a topic that I will be covering very very soon. I still think the game is very convoluted in certain aspects. How would you possibly ever know to place a bomb on the fifth bush from the right of the screen three spots up and four to the right from where you started, without either having a guide or being a pyscho dropping bombs everywhere?

That said, I have finally gotten some of the charm of the game. It's absurd and silly and doesn't really make sense some times, but you learn to(mostly) accept this. The game can be fun when you eventually learn it's rules and I definitely get the sense of adventure and exploration at the heart of this game. 

I don't know, I think Zelda 1 is a bit of a mess in terms of my thoughts on it. Quite simply, if this was what games still were I wouldn't play games anymore. Yet, I also appreciate and respect it's monumental place in the history of games and it's much deserved designation as one of most consequential and important video games ever made. The Legend of Zelda matters, it's important, it changed how people viewed and played games. I just don't think it's a masterpiece and that's fine. It's legacy is forever cemented in gaming history, that's enough.

Resident Evil 7.

I beat RE7. It's great. My review for it is going up tomorrow, spoilers I really loved it.

The mold people still suck though. 

I actually like the final third quite a bit, that's apparently controversial?  I think it added a lot of depth and emotional weight to the games proceedings. 

Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Real talk, this game looks phenomenal. Can't wait for Tuesday to get here so I can dive into it's world.


My great buddies over at 2 Player Co-Op ranked all the Zelda games. I don't have any personal connection to the series, as shown above, but I LOVE me some rankings and lists and I also think it's a really well made and edited video. So...watch it and support these awesome dudes. 

Also shoutout to Pax East because it's less than two weeks away and it's going to be super tiring/fun/rewarding/exhausting. At least that's what I keep getting told. I dunno though I got quite a bit of energy so lets see what you got PAX!!

Anyway, have a good one boys and girls. 


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Review.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Review.

Sunday Wrap-Up February 19th, 2017