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Sunday Wrap-Up February 19th, 2017

I have been thinking about nostalgia quite a bit the past few days. I am almost certainly going to write up a piece about it, so without getting too far into the weeds on it here, I just want to say that the past, the way we view it, and how it impacts us in the here and now have been on mind a great deal of late. Probably set off in large part, by the birthday and visit of one of my childhood friends and the series of slow changes in the past year that have transformed a lot for me. But anyway, video games.

A Normal Lost Phone. 

Hey, I reviewed this game this past week on the site. Spoilers its super alright. Not great, not bad, but something I would probably ultimately recommend you play.

Music is real good tho.

Still think it's just a try-hard Gone Home in a lot of ways.


This is a video game guys. Made my top 10 GOTY last year and was even higher in terms of pure joy generated from a game. It's just fun, it just wants to make you feel good. I loved that.

God, I love all of the colors of this game. I could just stare at it for so long.

Last boss fight kinda sucks, but does that even matter in this kinda game?

Well this is Awkward.

This was my third and final review of the past week and overall this game was promising but just given no real time to develop. 

This is the rare game that should have been way longer then it's quick 10 minutes. Loved what it was able to do and the game is wickedly funny. Just isn't really able to build off of anything it introduces with such a short playtime.

Resident Evil 7.

The big one. The game that has been sucking up most of my time since I got it last week. I played a lot yesterday and while I'm not finished yet, I think I'm halfway through or more, I can say that this game is a remarkable series of peaks and valleys. 

When this game is good it gives me such a Dying Light vibe I can't contain my excitement. Mastery of psychological thriller tale is unreal. 

Those black mold people suck tho. I'm not sure I will ever not think that. Boring and just unoriginal. 

Also the boss fights really aren't great, though they have gotten better. 

Damn, I really love this though.


Anyway, it's absolutely gorgeous outside today and I'm gonna go soak it up as much as possible. Don't get 70 degree weather every February, much less on a three day weekend. 

P.S. Also tomorrow is Presidents Day here in America. For those who don't know, I'm a crazy person who loves the holiday and will for sure be doing something on the site for it. Have a fantastic Sunday y'all!


Sunday Wrap-Up February 26th, 2017.

Sunday Wrap-Up February 26th, 2017.

Well this is Awkward review.