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Sunday Wrap-Up February 12th, 2017.

What's up Sunday Wrap-Up crowd! Today is going to be a rather quick wrap-up, so strap right in and lets get right too it.

LeftyLoggy Week of Reviews!!! 

You are going to be getting all the reviews this week. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will each see a different gaming review going up. I am super excited about this week of reviews that I definitely thought up on my own and for sure didn't steal from Trevor Starky...that's just crazy to think.

Again the first review will come out tomorrow, so get hyped.

Resident Evil 7.

So the thing is...I haven't actually played RE7 but I am going to be changing that this week and can't wait to get the pants scared off me. Should be a grand ol' time.

Gone Home

I am going to play Gone Home as soon as I get done writing this. This game is masterful, remarkable, brilliant, and emotional in ways I could never have expected. It's also a master at toying with our expectations and ideas of how certain genres are supposed to work. 

That said the real reason I am going back to play this game for the third time lays with something I watched earlier today, which leads me to...


Watch Greg Miller and Steve Gaynor's fantastic Gone Homecast interview, it is wonderful. Greg is a master at his craft and nowhere is that more clear then here. Greg and Steve have a special vibe together and their banter and clear chemistry shines throughout the entire interview. 

Greg is an inspiration and North Star for me for a seemingly endless number of reasons, but his sheer talent and mastery of his craft is a major one.  Watch this interview, it's great and a wonderful example for how to do this video game journalism thing.

On a separate note I wrote a giant(2300 plus) piece for Irrational Passions about ambiguity in games and how it is frequently misused that I am super proud of. So...you should read that. Thanks!

Anyway that's all I got. Until next time everyone.


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A Normal Lost Phone Review

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