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Sunday Wrap-Up January 8, 2017

I'm back!!! After missing last weeks Wrap-Up due to being in Canada for my 25th birthday(happy birthday me!) I am back and better than ever. Really, this is the first regular Wrap-Up in over two weeks, as for Christmas I wrote a special little piece, which you can read right here

But I digress, 2017 is a brand new year and after driving after 2000 miles for over 20 hours and spending 6 days on an epic road trip, I am more than ready to tackle this new year and make it far and away the best one yet. I have a ton of great and ambitious plans for 2017 and truly believe this will be a special year. So, without further ado I've got lots of news to cover. Lets begin!

Hey Canada is awesome! Go Figure.

So, this isn't really anything to do with games or pop culture, but I just want to reiterate how amazing and how much fun I had driving to Toronto and back for my birthday week. Me and a buddy of mine had a blast up there in the Frozen Tundra(although it was actually way way colder in the US than Canada.) It was about as brilliant a start to the year as I could have asked for and served as a fantastic recharge before getting down to my lofty goals for 2K17. 

NES Classic. It's dope!

I don't even know where to begin with this one. I never had an NES growing up, mostly due to the fact that by the time I was born the SNES was already out(sorry for making you feel old Kevin and Sean) and by the time I was old enough to actually start playing games, it was the time of the N64. Yet, as someone with a deep and abiding love of both history and games I could never ignore the giant hole in my own personal history with games. This was the console that saved games, that was the genesis for the industry as we know it today and yet here I am never having played practically any of it's games, never having had any experience with it. What's more, the limited games I have played from the NES era, for example the Mega-Man Legacy Collection, I loved and couldn't get enough of.

I understand peoples criticism's of the NES Classic, the controller cord is laughably short, like to an absurd degree, but as someone who's never had an NES Controller in my hand, as someone who has never played almost any of these iconic games before, as someone who has always wanted to play through the early days of games and the titles that defined the era, the NES Classic is perfect for me and I have loved every second with it. 

Also Kirby's Adventures is great. 

Definitely expect A LOT of incoming coverage of this tiny and wonderful machine. 

 GOTY Talk.

So, I recorded a game of the year podcast with Alex O'Neill for Irrational Passions that will go up sometime this month. That podcast will serve as my definitive list for game of the year. Featuring my top 10 picks, honorable mentions, and a look ahead to 2017, that is what I have to say about games for the past 12 months. That said, I will also be putting up a written version of the list in the coming weeks, as well as some fun looks back at the year in games and maybe a flash back to 2015. 

Hey, I'm doing a video editorial show!! 

I mean the title for this really says it all. I am going to be creating a video editorial series that will cover...well basically whatever I think of talking about that week. The main focus and theme of course will be video games focused, but there will also be topics on films, TV shows, and Hamilton(because it's perfect). I have taken inspiration from already established shows such as the wonderful Alex Talks, Colin was Right, The B List, and even Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. It will look and feel sorta like those shows, only with way more Logan, so expect lots of pictures of food and me to mention the Fresh Prince a lot. 

I am very excited about this new show.. It's going to unquestionably be the best thing I've ever done thus far, it's also going to be quite a bit of work. Writing out episode outlines, editing, shooting the episodes are all basically brand new things for me, so there is for sure going to be a learning curve. Still, this is going to be a wonderful way for me to challenge myself and grow my skills. I want this to become something that people in the larger industry know me by and that gets people to consider things in a new and hopefully unique way. I'm very excited for y'all to see what I've got in store. Anyway, I can't wait to launch the series.  I just don't know when that will be. Hopefully soonish? I'm aiming to get all the various pieces up to snuff and to my liking as quickly as I can, so fingers crossed.

That said, I still haven't got a name for the show yet...because naming shows is harder than it looks. Who knew?

Anyway, that's all I got for right now. As soon as I get done writing this I am going to go back to cranking out more scripts for the series, playing some more NES Classic, and watching playoff football. So have a fantastic weekend everyone, pray for me to get through all this new work I've given myself, and play some games and drink a beer over a football game. Until next time,


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