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Sunday Wrap-Up January 22nd, 2017.

Look I understand a lot of big, important things have happened this week. America got a brand new President, who let's just say is...different.  People across the globe then marched and protested for women's rights and it was a beautiful image of democracy in action. This is a unique, historic time for America and thus the world. The thing is though, I'm not really going to take about that, instead I'd like to take a minute to talk about a 27 year old video game.

Dr. Mario.

Yo, this game is real good guys. Like I understand that it's basically just a knock-off of Tetris, but it's a way better knock-off. I know, I know, that's a super controversial statement to make but it's true. More challenging, more obstacles, and with an absurdly addictive multiplayer, I played this game for hours Friday night against a friend of mine, unable to set down the controller for even a single second. Fun, maddening, and brilliantly designed it has easily become one of the sleeper hits of the NES Classic for me, and as I'm writing this I can't wait to get back to playing more of it. 

Well this is awkward.

Based on some high praise I've heard for this game during Game of the Year time, I finally decided to check out this small little title. First thing first, when I say small I mean small, the entire game can probably be beat in about 10 minutes at the most and there isn't a whole lot to it, beyond it's simple, yet very fun premise. 

Your about to have sex when you realize you don't have any condoms, the resulting trip to the store, complete with a savage inner monologue makes this game a treasure for witty, fast humor. It also makes it a fun, if in the end not outstanding game, that left me smiling and cringing while playing but left little imprint afterwards. 


Speaking of tiny games I heard about from GOTY, Reigns is brilliant. I started this up earlier today and it is a fast, humorous, thoughtful, and engrossing take on managing and ruling a vast kingdom, with all the competing interests, factions, and headaches that entails. The entire gameplay is based on the simple swipe mechanic built into Tinder, swipe left or right to make a choice that could potentially impact for generations. Playing as the King, you are tasked with the simple object to stay alive for as long as possible. Whenever you die a new king takes your place and (hopefully) learns from the missteps of the preceding monarch. Game is great, if a tiny bit repetitive at times, still the games wicked sense of humor makes this a very worthwhile play.

PAX East.

I'm going!!! That's about it for right now....hopefully it doesn't snow in Boston. 

Damn I probably just jinxed myself on that.


I was on this week's episode of the Irrational Passions Podcast. It was fantastic, we talked quite a bit about the aftermath of the Switch conference and our many different feelings on it. Somehow I keep tricking Alex into letting me do really cool things and I'll never forget how lucky I am and how much fun I have doing them. It was a good time, and you should watch/listen when it goes up later this week.

P.S. As an aside I would just like to mention that I am writing this as the Green Bay Packers are finishing up getting obliterated by the Falcons, so add that to the list of things I didn't ever expect to happen. 

Anyway until next week have a great one everybody!


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