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Sunday Wrap-Up January 15th, 2017.

What a brilliant week this has been for me. As I sit here and write as the beautiful music of La La Land fills the air, I can't help but be moved. I can think of few weeks that were filled with as grade A quality offerings in film and games then this one for me. But let's stop teasing it out and just get right to it.

Sing Street.

So to just get this out of the way real quick. Sing Street is an Irish made film set in the 1980's about a young kid who starts a band in order to get a girl he has a crush on to appear in the band's music video. Funny, bitting, and with an incredible musical soundtrack Sing Street is truly a special film, hence my lengthy review of it which you can read here!

NES Classic Update: Super Mario Bros 3. It's amazing!

So, here's the thing Super Mario Bros 3 is spectacular. I know that's not really a shock, it's one of the most critically acclaimed video games of all-time and a universally agreed upon masterpiece, but just, dang...this games real good y'all. This isn't the first time I've played this game, but it is the first real amount of time I've put into it and wow..what a joy. This is ALL I've been playing these past few days.

La La Land.

The real star of the week. Watched in the final hours of last night, as the book was closing on the week, La La Land is extraordinary. Honestly that doesn't even seem to put into words how brilliant, moving, emotional, and inspiring this film is. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling sparkle, shine, and soar in the film; delighting and wowing us in every scene, as their chemistry blasts off from the screen and fly's right to the heart and soul of each and every person in the theater. There are those select and rarified pieces of art that touch you in indescribable yet deeply intimate ways, that make you better simply by watching it, La La Land is that joyously special work of art. Magical, melancholy, nostalgic for a time gone by and yet also ground-breaking and very much focused on the future, I have nowhere near enough superlatives for this film. I have never been as inspired, emotionally invested, and laser focused on my dreams afterward, as when I was watching La La Land. Bravo to Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Damien Chazelle, Justin Hurwitz, and everyone else involved in this film. God almighty.

Secret Project Update.

I've got the scripts for the first two episodes of my video editorial show(mostly) done! That's exciting! They are both about topics near and dear to my heart, that I feel like are under discussed with games media(one maybe rightfully so) regardless, I am excited about this show, I worked some quick recordings earlier today just to get a rough idea of how I want to do it. Show is still a ways off, but I am definitely making progress on where I want to go. Still gotta figure out the exact camera, etc. I want to use but things are trucking along.


My top 10 GOTY podcast with Alex O'Neill for IrrationalPassions.com went up earlier in the week so you should watch that below. Actually you should watch all of Alex's awesome GOTY content, there is a ton of it and he nearly worked himself to death on it, so enjoy!

P.S. But for real though watch La La Land if you haven't...I mean even if you have watch it again.


Sunday Wrap-Up January 22nd, 2017.

Sing Street A Review.