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2016 Game of the Year Top 10!!!

So, I haven't written up anything about what my top 10 games of 2016 were so far. I was waiting, both to gather my thoughts and to think more about what I felt truly belonged and also for my podcast with Alex O'Neill from Irrational Passions were we would discuss my top 10 picks. 

Well said podcast has finally come out for the viewing masses to see. The podcast is my definitive list for Game of the Year 2016 and will be embedded below for your viewing pleasure. You should absolutely watch it, if for no other reason than to watch me and Alex get all giddy over The Last of Us Part 2. It's something I am proud of and had an absolute blast doing with Alex, so give it a view.

That said I understand some people like to read things instead of watch them, so for those few people I have decided to do a quick(for me anyway) written run-down of the games you can expect to find in the actual GOTY vid. So, away we go.

10. Song of the Deep/ Downwell

What's the point of having your own top 10 list if you can't immediately start breaking rules and having more than ten games? 

Song of the Deep and Downwell each occupy this spot because I ultimately never beat either one, yet loved nearly every second I spent with both. Downwell is about as fun an experience as any I played this year, it's also far and away the most difficult. For the record I got not even halfway through this game before slamming into a wall. Fun, challenging, and pure unadulterated gameplay Downwell is testament to learning and getting better with a game over time.

Song of the Deep is just pure atmosphere and story and soothing underwater world. The puzzles are challenging but ultimately rewarding and never feel cheap and the calming gorgeous world that has been created for you to navigate through is a treasure. Not enough people played this game...so play it.

9. Mafia III

What a mess of a game. It just makes me sad. The story is a stunning, searing, and brutal look into the horrifying reality of racism, segergation, and the subjugation of an entire people in 1960's America. It is also one of the finest looks into the dark mass laying at the heart of the Mafia. The problem of course is that the gameplay is basically broken, so much so that I ultimately had to walk away from one of the best stories of the past few years. When Mafia 3 is good it's spectacular, soaring above so much of the mediocre stories that fill the medium, but when it's bad its empty, boring, and repetitive beyond measure.

8. Oceanhorn.

Fun, fun, fun, fun. That's all I really have to say, it's fun, colorful, full of life and a joy to play. Oceanhorn may have done the impossible and actually got me interested in playing a Zelda game. God, I love Oceanhorn.

7. Firewatch.

Henry and Delilah are the best. Their story is wrought with emotion, drama, heart, and a spark that can't be ignored. Featuring unquestionably one of the most stirring soundtracks and an absurdly beautiful world Firewatch is a game that seemed made for me. 

It's just that it's ending is largely underwhelming, the side stories never really hit for me, and the game was broken when I first played it(two crashes, and a freeze in the same crucial spot in the games final act) on the whole Firewatch is a very good game that is held back from greatness by a few flaws. Still, I could listen to the music for years.


Ugh, I am so tired of Inside honestly. I loved this game, in ways that Limbo never even came close to. It is gorgeous, brilliantly designed, and with a thought-provoking and throughly captivating story that hooked me from it's opening seconds, it's just that ending. Some people agree with me, more don't, but I stand by that the ending of Inside simply felt like the designers got to the games final act without really knowing how to wrap things up, so they didn't bother at all. Which is a total shame. I often wonder how much endings should impact the larger view of a story, but with something like Inside that clearly prides itself on the art-house style experience it has built, I feel like the conclusion matters a great deal and here Playdead dropped the ball. That's just me though.

 5. Oxenfree.

This game is so dope guys! An 80's inspired coming of age, sci-fi, thriller Oxenfree handles teenagers and the relationships, friendships, and struggles they go through wonderfully. It is a game that caught me off-guard, I almost stopped playing after the first 25 minutes. This is a game anybody who enjoyed Life is Strange will love. Honestly I'm surprised this isn't even higher. Only real gripe I have is slow start and games ambiguous ending, damn if this isn't one hell of a ride though.

4. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

I know, I know a Call of Duty game really Logan? Well, I'll just have you know that Infinite Warfare tackled war, death, and the relationships that are forged in combat better than nearly any war story i've seen in years, not just in games but in media at large. Somber, melancholy, yet also funny and a joy, Infinite Warfare is a game that has largely been ignored due to Call of Duty fatigue and hate, which is a shame. Please play this game so we get more awesome titles like this.

3. Battlefield 1.

Everything I just said about Infinite Warfare is true here just set in World War 1 and a tiny dash better. Innovative, sorrowful, and showing without blinking the horrors of this war, Battlefield 1 is a powerful argument about the futilely of war and the pointlessness of most conflicts and the devastating consequences that can sprawl out of it. I was left speechless at times by the scenes of beauty, horror, and loss conjured up by Battlefield 1, everyone should experience it's story.

Also it's multiplayer is a masterpiece of scale, scope, and epic nature. 

2. Ratchet and Clank.

Fun, fun, fun, fun. I know I already used that for a different game, but damn Ratchet and Clank is fun. Colorful, mind-bloggingling beautiful, and easily the year's funniest game Ratchet is a joy and a special treat for gamers of all ages. Any other year this honestly probably would have been my game of the year, but 2016 wasn't a regular year, which leads us to...

016 Game of the Year: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.

Yo, you should play Uncharted 4. One of the very greatest video games I have ever played, A Thief's End is a masterpiece in every single way. There has never been as rewarding and emotionally joyful game as UC4 for me. It ranks second behind only The Last of Us in terms of favorite/best games I've experienced.

Also it's epilogue is straight up perfect. The best video game ending of all-time. #sorrynotsorry

Everyone should play this beautiful game.

Just watch the video for this one.

So there are my top 10(technically 11) games of 2016. I've read and seen a lot about how 2016 wasn't a great year for games, but looking back at all the games I played I couldn't disagree more. From small tiny games like Downwell and Firewatch, to powerhouse triple A titles like Uncharted 4 and Call of Duty, 2016 is a testament to the wonderful tapestry the games industry has created for itself, I loved my time with games this year and can only hope that 2017 can match it. 

So what are your favorite games of the year? Am I crazy for having Inside so low(probably), do you hate me for leaving Overwatch totally off the list(shrug), do you agree that Uncharted 4 is fantastic, leave a comment below or tweet me your thoughts and lists over @leftyloggy. Anyway hope you enjoy and until next time have a good one y'all. 


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