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So the PlayStation Meeting Happened, that was something.

So I've waited a few days to give my thoughts on the PlayStation Meeting event because honestly, I just can't really stir any strong feelings about it either way. I just don't care about the PS4 Pro, which I suppose is damning criticism in its own way.

 I mean I don't like the idea of iterative, mid generation upgrades, namely because I think it complicates one of the best aspects of console gaming, its simplicity and ease of use. Yet, that said the PS4 Pro doesn't really change anything anyway, it just sorta exists, it takes up space without doing anything of substance different. I'm not mad and upset with it like some are, I just don't care. 

I've heard and seen some people talk of how they are going to go out and buy the Pro when it launches in November, I have also heard a far larger group of people say they aren't' going to buy the Pro, neither is right or wrong in their views, their just different. 

Honestly the biggest takeaway I have from a personal level after watching the PlayStation Event is how I never should have wavered from my initial expectations. I didn't care about the Neo, I mean I thought it wasn't a great idea, but on the whole I just wasn't interested. Yet, in the two weeks leading up to the event I began to allow myself to believe some of the expectations and hype surrounding the event, forgetting that in the end this was an event about a mid generation update and a new slim and not E3, PSX, or some other games heavy showcase.

We all allowed ourselves to buy into some truly wild and crazy rumors, because we wanted them to be true, never mind that was never what this event was about. In the end it almost seems silly to blame Sony for our disappointment, don't get me wrong, that event was an awful and boring affair, but that was the point, it was in essence a business meeting, they were talking about things that were likely to never get most of us that excited. Did they botch the build-up and expectations for the event, absolutely. Did they botch the actual event, yes. Yet, at the end of the day does it really matter? You want a nice, slightly more powerful console, they got it for you. A cheap, slimed down model going forward, boom there's one for you. You want neither, fine you can keep your PS4 and be happy. 

The PlayStation Meeting Event was an unforced error by Sony, something that never needed to happen and that rolled out with a off-key, uninteresting keynote. Yet, some of the people on the internet acting as if this wipes out all the good Sony has done,  need to take a step back and look at their lives. PlayStation had a bad meeting, with a product that doesn't seem like a huge step forward, that doesn't and shouldn't erase all of the goodwill they've generated the last three years. Everybody raging at the company, will be loving all over them with a good PSX conference, it's ok to admit the mistakes about something you like without resorting to full blown hatred of it and its also possible to be critical of something you enjoy, they aren't mutually exclusive. That's my takeaway I suppose, PlayStation had a bad day, I fully expect them to recover and show us why we should all care about what they do next.

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