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Some very very quick thoughts on my second time with Firewatch.

I finished Firewatch for a second time. I never got into the game as much as others did when it first came out and ultimately was left feeling somewhat disappointed. However, after stumbling upon Alex O'Neills wonderfully written review of the game, a few days ago and constantly hearing how great the game is I decided to journey back into the world of 1989 Wyoming once more.

To be clear this is not my overall reaction and thoughts on the game, I'm planning a bigger and more detailed piece on my opinions of Firewatch in the coming days, but right now, literally minutes after finishing it for the second time I have some thoughts I want to get out of my system. 

The biggest of all of them is simply that this game is sad, I know that seems trite and stupid and obvious to say, but it just leaves me sad. Going back and playing a second time, every conversation, every scene, every image really just reminded me of how it all ends, of the truth behind the story. I have long had a problem with the game's ending, something that didn't really go away the second time through. Yet, playing through the game again I was struck by just how carefully and slowly this game builds everything up before quickly bringing it all down.

The world of Firewatch is amazing, still a sight for the eyes, the voice acting a delight, and the story is still one that manages the rare feat of both keeping me amazed and also dismayed by what I find. I still wish there was an ending, a real ending. I still wish I got to meet Delilah face to face, I still wish and wish and wish, but there is something to Firewatch. It's hard to express right now in the immediate aftermath, but this game leaves something behind, whether or not its something good or bad I don't know. Maybe in a few days I will, who knows? For right now I reached the end of Firewatch and that's all I know for sure.

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