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Sunday Wrap-Up September 4th, 2016

Hey everybody, today's wrap-up is going to be a bit quicker of a one as I'm writing in the midst of a vacation out of town. So let's get right to the good stuff.

Last week was a bit of a slower, more transitional week for me and the site, as evidenced by the appearance of only a single post going up. That said the message and tone of the post remains the same and I am committed to writing every day and I'm already planning out some writing projects both for the next few days and also the coming weeks.

All of which goes back to the basic point of me being better at producing content for the site, this starts first and foremost with me writing and discussing the major happenings within the games industry. Yet, I'll certainly branch out from that every now and then and deliver different kinds of articles. This week will be a nice showcase for this as everyday, starting today and going through Friday will see a new article going up. 

With the PlayStation Event happening this Wednesday, there won't be a lack of news to talk, speculate, predict, and analyze. Until then, I'm going back to enjoying my vacation and eating lots of great food. Hope you all have an awesome Labor Day weekend. Til' next time guys and gals.

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