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What to expect from the PlayStation Event next week?

With PlayStation's expected reveal of the Neo next week I thought it would be fun to dust off my prediction skills from E3 and test my hand out yet again on guessing the major happenings of the conference. Now to my predictions.

PlayStation Neo will be shown off and revealed to have a price of $349.99.

There's just no way that Sony can go above this price and still keep face. They've got to do everything they can to limit the price of this new upgraded piece of hardware as much as possible, after all they don't want another PlayStation 3 $600 debacle on their hands. It's more then that if Sony were to come out and announce a price at $350 and particularly $300 it would deliver a huge blow to Microsoft which will almost certainly show off the Scorpio at a far higher price point.

PlayStation Slim is real and is available for purchase now.

Here's the thing, we all know the Slim is for real, after all the leaks, rumors, and straight up unboxing's of the Slim I expect Sony to come right out quickly announce its real and then drop the news that its out right now. It'd be a great moment for them and help to take some of the sting out of the poorly handled launch of the Slim.

PlayStation Neo launches Spring 2017.

This is a huge piece of news that I expect will catch quite a few people off-guard, but it's one I am feeling increasingly good about. I just can't see PlayStation announcing the Neo and then releasing it a month or two later. More then that if the Neo's rumored specs are true then I think PlayStation will be in quite a bit of trouble. I think that they probably went back to the drawing board as much as they could to squeeze some extra power out of the Neo and the result will be a release in the Spring instead of this fall. If this one is wrong I will actually be more then a little surprised, but then again it wouldn't be the first time Sony has shocked me.

The Neo's name is revealed to be the.........PlayStation 4.

PlayStation phases out the old PS4 and makes gamers chose between the PS4 Slim and the new PS4. Makes marketing the new piece of hardware seem seamless and simple, while also keeping the PS4 generation going forward in a real tangible way. It's all just the same console after all right? 

Ultimately, I don't know what to really expect from Sony's PlayStation Event on the 7th. That's a big part of what makes the whole thing so exciting and also so scary. PlayStation has seemingly nailed every aspect of the PS4 generation so far, but as someone who vividly remembers their seeming never-ending screw-ups from the PS3 days, I can't help but feel that familiar twing of fear over Sony's major events. Regardless, either way come the end of the 7th, Sony and to a larger extent games, may never be the same again.....for better or for worse.

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