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Sunday Wrap-Up September 18th, 2016

I love Sundays, I'm not quite sure what it is about the day, but I've always enjoyed them. There's just something about them, they just feel a little different, people are more relaxed and it feels like the world just slows down for a few hours. Sundays are a great day to just sit back, crack one open, and think about how great you've got it and sitting here I can see I've got it pretty great. Anyway on to games.

The first episode of Telltales Batman series is seriously so good. I know I use the phase all the time but its so true here, this is way better then it has any right to be. I went in expecting something good at best and outright disappointing at worst. Instead, I was met with one of the most clever and creative visions of Batman and his surrounding world that I've come across in some time. 

It's just a single episode and it's not perfect but damn am I encouraged about what we are about to get next week for the series second episode. If nothing else there is going to be more of the excellent Oswald Cobblepot character and that's really all I need.

On a non-games related note I have continued my viewing of the Sopranos fourth season and I can confirm just how spectacular and wildly unlike anything else this show is. The way they structure and resolve seasons is just not how other shows operate, but it's a lot like how real life works and TV can use a lot more of that. I'll have more thoughts on it once I finish this season but suffice it to say its fantastic and is getting me perfectly in the mood for Mafia 3.

I also jumped back into Rocket League for just a few matches this past week and a year later am still struck by just how phenomenal that game is. To me it remains one of the most powerful statements of the joy and fun video games can provide. I mean it's just a silly dumb game about RC cars trying to smack a ball into a goal, but damn if its not also one of most fun and smile producing experiences I've come across in a long time. There's something to be said for that, I mean at their base level, games whether they be the video ones or the ones we play outside, are supposed to be fun. It's easy to forget sometimes but Rocket League never does.

Finally, I just wanna mention that I made my inaugural podcast appearance last night on the 295th episode of the Irrational Passions Podcast. You should absolutely head over to Youtube and give that a listen. I'm still not even remotely sure how the heck I keep tricking Alex into letting me do super awesome and fun stuff, but there I was talking about Quantum Botanists, bad PS2 games, and all manner of things last night having the time of my life.

I love games for many diverse and wonderful reasons, yet the interactions, conversations, and friendships you can have with others is perhaps the key one. I love this medium, I love the people who make it up, and I hope to spend a good chunk of my life someday covering it in a professional (and hopefully interesting) manner and this weekend was a great reminder why. Sometimes you just need to be shown why you are putting in all the hard work and hours and that's what the podcast was for me. Ten years from now I fully expect and believe that me and Alex will be sitting across from each other at IGN sharing dumb facts about Kingdom Hearts and still debating about whether Uncharted 2 or 3 is better(spoilers its clearly 3) and honestly, that sounds like the greatest time. No matter what I've made incredible friends and met great people. To think, this all began with me accidentally clicking on the video for Beyond 200 and discovering Colin and Greg for the first time, life is weird man......and also pretty great.

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