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God Rocket League is good.

I played Rocket League again today. It was probably the first time in a few months that I've jumped back into this wonderful game and I am yet again struck by how joyful that game is. There's just something to it that I love.

I don't really know what this post is, other then a reflection that the game is astounding,  I know big shock coming from me a very public fan of the game. Yet, it is perhaps surprising that I like the game, I have never really gotten into the whole sports games scene as much as others have and the ones that I do get drawn into are usually different ones, like Rocket League I suppose. 

I have been playing video games for years at this point and the list of things that have achieved the level of pure fun that Rocket League has is exceptionally small. I could just play nothing but that game for weeks and did in fact when it launched last year. It is so much of what I love about games, their ability to craft moments of joy, fun, and happiness, something that other non-interactive mediums struggle to match. The joy of Rocket League is the fact that its this crazy, ridiculous,  and mind-bangingly hard game and the stuff of silly childhood ideas and theres something special to it. 

So yeah, Rocket League is awesome and if you haven't played it yet, absolutely go out and do so, trust me you won't be disappointed. The game is pure and simple fun and there's not much more or much better then that. 

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