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Sunday Wrap-Up September 11th, 2016

Hey there everybody,  it's a beautiful day outside and the start of the new NFL season, so today's starting the week on a great note. 

Before I go any further though, I would like to note that today marks the 15th anniversary of 9/11. I was just some kid in the 4th grade, in the middle of the country, when the attacks happened but they marked one of the defining moments of my childhood. It's odd, the attacks marked a terrifying portrait into the evil and horror mankind is capable of, yet the larger lesson I took away almost from the opening seconds of the day were the astounding acts of heroism and courage on display. Not just on the initial day of the attacks, but carrying forward in the days, weeks, and months after. There have been as few moments of crystal clear clarity of the innate goodness and overwhelming desire to help others present in humanity then the aftermath of 9/11 and over a decade later I am still inspired and moved by that. Anyway now to silly video game talk.

The big thing I played this past week was oddly enough Firewatch. I played the game back when it came out in February but didn't love it nearly as much as others did, but after hearing and reading more about how much it hit some people I decided to try it out again and see if it would hit me differently.

It didn't, but I still enjoyed so much about the world of the game. Firewatch's 1989 Wyoming setting is a gorgeous one and I find as if I could just spend hours simply walking around and exploring the various secrets of the park.

After that the massively boring and largely disappointing PlayStation Event happened. Pulling back the curtains on the PS4 Slim and Pro, the event was all about how awesome 4K is and how cool you are if you have a TV that that can show it off, other then that not much happened.

Also I didn't mention in my wrap-up post last week that I had another new piece published over at Irrational Passions about the terrifying game that is No Man's Sky. I think its pretty good and at the very least it shows an aspect of the game that doesn't get talked about much, you should give that a read.

This week, I will be aiming to finish up my viewing of the of the Sopranos fourth season and also am looking at diving into the first episode of the Tell Tale Batman series. Until then have a fantastic weekend everybody and now I'm going to go back to watching my team get beat.

God Rocket League is good.

So the PlayStation Meeting Happened, that was something.