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No Man's Sky First Impressions.

Massive, going on seemingly forever, overwhelming, visually stunning.  These are just some of the words that come flooding to mind when thinking of how to describe my opening jump into Hello Games, hugely ambitious and hyped new game No Man's Sky.

The promise and potential of this game has captivated gamers for years now and with its release I can firmly say that it really is unlike anything I have played before. The game is almost haunting in how alone and defenseless it makes you feel at the beginning.  You have no idea where or what anything is and the game's combat is a frantic pray and spray type situation that has left me terrified to engage in gunfights.  

Then comes the games music which also seeks to add to its haunting and lonely nature by featuring soft background music that is slightly unnvering during key sections. Yet, when this game wants to wow you, it can deliver on a scale that few others can. Climbing to the top of a ridge and overlooking a massive area of mountains, valleys, unknown creatures and a faraway moon left me floored. It is seemingly only a sight that No Man's Sky could achieve and the thrill of the first time you launch into a hyperdrive flight across the stars conjures up all of our dreams from watching the Millennium Falcon race across space.

My first foray into No Man's Sky has left me feeling quite a few different emotions.  I am wowed by the sheer scope and size of everything, yet also feel quite overwhelmed by everything and by how little this game holds your hand. You are thrown out and expected to figure it out for yourself. The worlds and environments of No Man's Sky though are among the most visually impressive, colorful, and unique of any game and the game is just steeped in mystery of figuring out what exactly is going on and what to do. This is a game that you can only truly understand and get a handle on, by plowing deeper into its universe and the many secrets, wonders, terrors, and mysteries it holds.

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