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Sunday Wrap-Up August 21st, 2016

Hey there everybody, its a brand new Sunday which means its time for another wrap-up of the happenings of the past week.

Last week saw me dive deeper into No Man's Sky and eventually publish a long piece on the game and my many complex and wide-ranging thoughts on it, you should absolutely give it a read, no matter how you personally feel about the game.

I also have begun my viewing of the Sopranos fourth season and published a quick piece on how the show so expertly handles the small, mundane moments of life so well and how they are actually among the most telling windows into its various characters. Starting this new season I am reminded yet again just how incredible the Sopranos is, I can not wait to see more of the season. As of right now I am aiming to finish watching the season by the end of the month with my review to follow right after.

As for what I've been playing, No Man's Sky has of course gotten some time, but honestly I find myself getting pulled more and more to Guacamelee. When I grabbed the game a month ago in the summer PSN sale I tried it and felt like it didn't click, but I kept going back every few days and now I've totally fallen for this quirky and funny game. I'm in the final stages of the games story now and whenever I finish it up you can expect to see a review of my thoughts and impressions of this game.

As for what's in store for this week, I am hoping and planning on putting a lot of different and fun content on the site this week. From Inside's Release, to a fun start to a series, to whatever else pops up, this is one of the most exciting weeks for LeftyLoggy in some time, I can't wait to show all of you guys what I've got in store, until then, 

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