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Sunday Wrap-Up August 14th, 2016

Hey there everybody! It's Sunday which means its time for another recap of the happenings of the past week and a look ahead to what lays in store for the next seven days. This will probably end up being a shorter wrap-up then usual, but nonetheless lets plow ahead.

One of the major happenings of the past week was me going to see Suicide Squad last Sunday. While I didn't ultimately love the movie, I don't regret going to see it and in the end it was a simple, dumb, mostly fun popcorn movie.

The biggest thing from the past week has to be the release of No Man's Sky. From my early first reactions to it, to me sharing a story from my adventures out there in the wild of the game, large portions of my time have been consumed by No Man's Sky and my play through of it. Expect to see a more definitive review of the game sometime this week.

As for what's ahead this week, like I mentioned expect to see my thoughts on the final game in some form, as well as me branching out to other games, particularly if No Man's Sky doesn't grab a hold of me. I may also decide to begin my viewing of the Sopranos fourth season, finally keep your eyes peeled for some guest work I may be doing for another site that may go up this week. 

On the whole, the past 7 days were fun if tiring, here's to the next 7 days being even more fun.  Until then, 

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