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Tales from the stars: No Man's Sky Stories.

With the massive scope and breadth of No Man's Sky, I thought I would jot down some tales from my journey through the stars in a recurring feature for the site.  Today is the first installment of the series.

Miseria.  Latin for misery, that's the name I gave to the first world I set foot on after leaving the games opening. Bitterly depressing and suffocating green skies, that seemed to follow and taunt you lay overhead. A barren and empty world totally devoid of any other living creatures. The name was just too much of a perfect fit.

I was brought here and landed on this planet after being directed to it after receiving a signal from a  beacon somewhere on the planets surface. Landing next to the beacon I receive a signal that suggests that somewhere on this hellish planet there is another lifeform. With that information in mind and with a marker indicating where the lifeform signal is coming from, I set out on foot across the planet. 

No Man's Sky, at least in my play through of it so far, is a game all about feeling in the blanks.  Of establishing in your mind what exactly happened, how you got where you are, what happened to those before you, and what your chasing after. Strange ruins, and symbols of what once were lay all about you, particularly on a planet like Miseria, where the lack of any other life makes seeing anything beside the rocks and green skies that much more noticeable. Lumbering up huge rock walls, or diving into its murky waters, this planet reveled hidden wonders and ancient alien artifacts.  Learning the language and discovering more of the history and story of the various alien pieces is easily one of my favorite and most ingenious aspects of No Man's Sky. It is all so wonderfully different and well, alien. Having no idea what the aliens are saying to you, or how to respond, stumbling across ancient and revered landmarks for them and having to try to determine how to approach them is an entirely magical experience that truly puts you into the shoes of some long-lost space traveler who's found himself in a place he's never been before.

After many different side routes and distractions I finally see my end goal, at the top of a rather large ridge.  Walking and climbing my way to the top I am treated to a breathtaking view of seemingly the whole planet and the puzzling view of a random outpost on top of this hill. Stepping inside I am met with an alien who asks me a question in which I recognize a single world, interloper. Luckily he simply carries a message from a mysterious source and I am given new direction in my mission in the stars, a new destination for where to go next. I am told to head to the space station hovering above the planet, that massive wonder of the ingenuity and belief of people before me. With a last longing look back at the safety and security of the outpost I step back outside, into the blistering radiation filled world that sucks the power from my life support system, and begin my journey back to my starship, I've got a date with the stars to catch. 

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