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Most disappointing game I've ever played.

Earlier this week the Kinda Funny guys talked about the most disappointing games they've ever experienced.  The games they mentioned and the topic as a whole led me to think of what game most let me down and crushed my sprits.  

Without question the most dispirited I have been after playing a game was when  007 Legends, came out a few years ago.  At the time I had probably never been more excited for a game then I was for 007 Legends.  As a massive James Bond fan, Legends was promising to give me what I had always wanted from a 007 game.  

Letting me relive some of the greatest moments from James Bond's storied life and weaving all of the films and adventures into a single cohesive tale.  At least that was the promise.  What we actually got was a complete and total mess.  Without soul, or story, or any cohesive gameplay style, Legends was an absolute disaster, but what made the game worse for me was the fact that underneath all of the terrible aspects of the game, and trust me there were a lot, was the fact that Legends had so much promise.

What I always reference is the games usage of stealth.  Cleverly done and providing some of the few moments of thought, strategy, and tension in the game, the stealth sections were easily the highlights of the game.  Sadly, like so much else in the game they were totally mishandled and seldom used, and when they were put to use, it was only for small limited sections before being forced to use a gun again.  

To say those gun sections were bad is about the understatement of the year.  Just from a very basic level, they felt off.  You couldn't feel comfortable shooting due to the games controls, making it a grind to play the game at large chunks of time.  

However the games poor play, while a big factor in its overall disappointment, had nothing on the games disastrous story.  Again, like I've mentioned earlier, I am a huge fan of the James Bond film series so I've seen all kinds of Bond stories ranging from deep, quiet, explanations of why James is who he is, to Moonraker and Bond being in space.  Still none of those are as bad as 007 Legends.  I'm still years later, not sure what it was even trying to do.  It's job was so easy, it was putting you in the shoes of Bond for some of his greatest missions.  They were already there, just let me play through Goldfinger etc.  Instead they managed to butcher Bonds greatest moments, distort what they were about to begin with, and deliver an original story that still baffles me in how fundamentally it misread who the character is.  I still get sad just thinking about it.

007 Legends was and remains a massive let-down.  That's a shame for a number of reasons but that one that saddens me the most is the fear that it drove a big stake right through the heart of the James Bond video game series.  It's been all quite since its release and video games and 007 which have such a rich and shared history might have finally come to an end.  The game managed to take something I had been dreaming about for years and just spoil the whole thing.  It's not even that its the worst game ever, although it is bad.  It's the fact that the Bond series was already weakened inside gaming and then this bomb happened.  Just sadness, thats all I can say to describe how I feel about 007 Legends, the most disappointing game I have ever played.  

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