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Tales from the Borderlands Episode 1: Zero Sum Review

Tales from the Borderlands first episode, Zero Sum, never managed to hit the heights of Tell Tales greatest stories, but it did offer up lots of promise and ended with intriguing ideas to propel the rest of the series forward.

I am not Borderlands biggest fan, hence why I'm just now playing Tales from the Borderlands.  That said I am a big fan of Tell Tale games and how they tell their stories.  The Walking Dead's first season still serves as a powerful and emotional experience that remains one of games best stories and The Wolf Among Us is a stunning, colorful, and tense film-noir tale.  Sadly, at least so far, Tales from the Borderlands is none of those things.  The biggest problem perhaps starts with the games lead characters.

Rhys and Fiona, particularly in the earlier stages in this opening episode just didn't have the same magic stuff as Lee, Clem, or Bigby.  Fiona is certainly the character I enjoyed more, but Rhys seems to be a character riff with problems.  I'm still not really clear what kind of character he is or what he's about and thats a big problem considering he's the main character of the story.

All that said Tales from the Borderlands supporting cast is standout.  Fiona's younger sister Sasha, is a particular bright spot.  Funny, gruff, and not trusting of anyone other then her sister, Sasha is a joy every time she's on-screen and her chemistry with Rhys is among the best I've seen in a game in some time and gives me hope for him as a character.  

Ultimately Zero Sum represented a learning curve of sorts for me.  Having played the first Borderlands, but not finished it, and never played its sequel, despite my desire too, Zero Sum largely introduced me to this crazy, over-the-top, and bloody world of Pandora and all of the interesting characters laying in wait.  While not as strong as any other Tell Tale series I have played thus far, Tales from the Borderlands opening episode still managed to produce more then a few moments of genuine humor and laughter and introduced a few characters that stole the show and showed-off some great chemistry that leaves me largely hopeful for the next few episodes and with more then a few questions to answer based off of its ending.  I can't wait to see what its got in store.  

Most disappointing game I've ever played.

The PSN mid-year sale is great!!