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The PSN mid-year sale is great!!

Right now the PSN is having a two week long sale to celebrate the middle of the year.  Discounting all kinds of games large and small, mostly small, the sale is an incredible love letter to PlayStation gamers across the globe.....and you should be acting on it.

This sale has seen me snatch up Tales from the Borderlands, Resogun, and Guacamelee.  All three are critically acclaimed games that came in combined at $22.  That's an incredible value for being able to play through these games for the very first time.  

Tales from the Borderlands, is suppose to be a hilariously funny and fun Tell Tale game that can help to tide me over while I wait for the release of Tell Tale's Batman and Walking Dead seasons to premiere.  I have heard nothing but spectacular things about Tales from the Borderlands, from gamers from all walks of life.

Resogun is constantly near the top of every list ranking the best PS4 games and Kinda Funny's own Colin Moriarty, has for years been preaching its excellence, now with it's absurdly cheap asking price for this week on PSN, I grabbed the game up and can't wait to dive into the world of one of the PS4's best games.

Finally that leads me to Guacamelee, which is another game that both Colin and Greg have been beating the drum on for years.  From the bright, colorful look of the game, to its unique and interesting focus on Mexican culture and mythology, to the fact that its a Metroidvania game, Guacamelee is game I can't wait to jump into and explore, even if I do think its going to kick my teeth in for awhile.

Those are just some of the great games on sale right now during the PSN Mid-Year sale.  I'm sure over the ensuing days and weeks I'll have my full thoughts and impressions of all of these games posted, but for right now I am just incredibly excited about the deals being offered and the great games being showcased and I can't wait to get gaming.  Until next time,

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