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Weekly Wrap-Up July 3rd, 2016

As a brand new week dawns, it's time to once again recap both the highs and lows of the past week and give some insights into what this new week has in store.  Oh and also introduce a new weekly feature.

This past week finally saw me finish up two big reviews.   First up was my flashback review of Mafia II, which six years after its release still holds up rather well.  Dark, fun, and with a gut-punch of an ending Mafia II tells a twisty and rich Mafia story and if you've never played it before, I absolutely recommend you doing so, particularly with Mafia III hovering just over the horizon.  

The second big review was my Summer Flashback review of the Sopranos second season.  All summer long I'm going back and watching The Sopranos for the first time and my thoughts on the shows complex and wildly all over the map second season range from spectacular viewing to meandering, drifting TV.  Still if you want to check out why the Sopranos is so special, just watch the last 4 or 5 episodes of that season.  

Those were among the big highlights of this past week.  As the new week starts up, I think I am finally going to get around to playing Doom, for which I am very excited.  I also have a project that has been long in development and that I have been kicking around for awhile, finally going up sometime this week that I am incredibly excited about.  It will be a longer-form piece, which are among my favorite to write.  Look for that to go up either this Wednesday or Thursday.  

Finally on to the new segment of my weekly round-ups, PS I Love Your Work!  This is where I give a shout-out to one of the Kinda Funny best friends or just anyone out there doing excellent work on the interwebs.  I have a lot of different and diverse people I'd like to give a shout-out to, but I am going to start with a smaller podcast that does great work,  2 Player Co-Op.

Featuring two brothers sitting down and talking about the big news of the week or a single large topic, their discussions of both Gone Home and Firewatch are excellent, even if I think they are crazy for not loving Gone Home.  2 Player Co-Op is a great, informative, and incredibly well-spoken podcast that I have just been introduced too.  I love how well informed these guys are, giving detailed run downs of every SEGA system and its games, the best and worst controllers, and all kinds of classic and not so classic 90's video games.  I absolutely encourage everyone to give them a listen and a shout-out on the twitters @2Player_CoOp.  

Also since it's my segment, I'm gonna cheat and include a second shout-out.  Everyone should absolutely go and watch the Patreon exclusive chat that Greg Miller and his mom had for the GameOverGreggy shows June Patreon Exclusive.  I can not give enough attention to how excellent this episode was and cheating further still I will also take this time to tell everyone to also watch Greg's chat with his dad from a  few months ago that still ranks as one of my favorite, most personal, and touching Kinda Funny moments.  Excellent and inspired stuff Greg.

So there you have it, the major happenings of this past week, the upcoming week, and my shout-out(s) to people doing awesome work.  Thank you all for your support and for 2 Player Co-Op and Kinda Funny for the great stuff you do, until next time

Yep, Gone Home is still great.

Summer Flashback Review: The Sopranos Season Two