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The new Nintendo NX rumors concern me.

Today numerous new rumors started to break regarding Nintendo's newest console the NX.  These rumors all seem to point in the direction of the NX being a mobile, handheld, tablet like device.  More powerful then the PS3 and Xbox 360 but not as much as their successor's.  

The Internets reaction to these rumors has largely been mixed, but for me it's what I feared from the very beginning.  If there was one thing I didn't want the NX to become, it was a handheld, mobile device that in effect pushes Nintendo out of the console space.  

It's not that I hate handheld gaming or anything, it's just I've always loved and gravitated towards the console experience.  I prefer to have games up on my big TV or even shudder, on a computer, but I've just never quite gotten into the handheld thing.  For Nintendo to create a console, that is in essence a handheld or tablet device is such an upside down decision to me.

 It's such a crazy choice to me, it's what my nightmare scenario has always been for the NX, to turn it into the newest version of the DS or make it into a more powerful Vita. 

I hope I'm wrong, I hope Nintendo comes out, whenever they reveal the console and shock all of us with what it actually is, but as of right now, as more and more rumors swirl and we get closer to the NX's launch, I have never been more concerned, put-off, and disappointed in the direction of the console.  I never bought a Wii U, over the years I have just increasingly drifted away from Nintendo and the path they have set out on, if these new rumors about the NX are true, that might be the last straw that totally pushes me away from them..........on the bright side at least I have the NES Classic to look forward too in the fall.

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