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Weekly Wrap-Up July 24th, 2016

Hey there everybody!  It's Sunday so that means its time for a brand new recap of the major and not so major happenings of the past week, as well as a look to what this new week has in store.

Last week was a bit quite on the games front, truth be told.  I posted my review of the fifth and final Tales from the Borderlands episode and also did a react to the Mini NES news, otherwise I spent most of my time continuing to plow through the third season of the Sopranos, expect to see a review of that go up sometime this week.  

In fact in many ways last week was a bit of a cool-off period.  Neither of the other two games I had grabbed in the mid-year PSN sale, Resogun and Guacamelee have really hit me and I just sort of took a week off from games.

That said this week is looking to be the opposite of that, there is activity happening all around.  For starters like I mentioned my summer flashback review of the Sopranos third season should be going up this week.  Then there are two big things I am looking forward to experiencing.  The first is I am finally getting around to playing Doom.  Ever since the game launched back in May I have had it on my radar and after playing the demo they released during E3, the fire was lit inside of me to play through this game.  A month later and I will finally be doing so.

The second big thing is I have bought and will begin reading The Road.  Cormac McCarthy's, critically acclaimed novel that served as an inspiration for my favorite game of all-time, The Last of Us.  Colin Moriarty has talked over and over again about how incredible the book is, and if it's even half as masterful as The Last of Us, I will be very happy indeed(I feel obligated to note at this time that I don't expect it to be better due to a number of reasons not least of which is video games visual and interactive elements, games when done well can tell arguably the strongest stories, but thats a different post).

Now for this week's PS I Love Your Work honoree.  Alex O' Neil is really freaking cool.  Like seriously so.  He takes the advice and mantra of writing and talking about games now, to grow and evolve your skills, to the next level.  He recently celebrated the six year anniversary of his Irrational Passions Podcast and his 500th straight day writing about games.  That 500th post is emotional, full of tangents and personality, and a wonderful note of inspiration to all of us out there working our asses off to discuss, critique, and share our love of games.  I strongly urge all of you to check it and all of Alex's other work out, either by going to Irrationalpassions.com, the IP Youtube channel or Alex's twitter @ALFighter27.  I might be relatively new to Alex's work but he has quickly became a North Star alongside the inspired work of the Kinda Funny guys during the launch of LeftyLoggy.com and me committing full time to pursuing games writing.   Like anybody good at what they do his example, remarkable work ethic, and great skills talking and writing about games, constantly makes me want to be better at the craft.  Also special shout-out to his Donkey Kong 64 lets play series with Brandt Ranj which provided some of the hardest laughs I've had watching a lets play.

So there you have it, that's what I've been up to the past week(not a lot) and what I've got in store for this brand new one(hopefully quite a bit more).  Thanks for reading and until next time,

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