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When a game just doesn't click.

I don't think Resogun is for me.  I've tried, I really have, over and over again in fact, to get into this game, but alas its just not for me.

It's always feels a little odd, a little jarring to let go of a game.  To admit to yourself, that its not for you, or that its not what you were looking for.  Sometimes its the game, more often its just you.  

I think back on this and am reminded of it, at least once every few months, whenever someone mentions any Zelda game and I am just left standing there saying, I haven't played that one, or I didn't enjoy it.  It's not the games fault and its not mine, sometimes two things don't click, but I am nonetheless surprised at how odd I feel whenever I walk away from a game.  

Resogun isn't for me.  That makes me sad, I wish it was, I've only heard fantastic things about it, but ultimately its for the best.  There's no point in forcing yourself to play something you don't like.  That will only make you even less happy, and in the end make you dislike the game even more.  Sometimes whats for the best is simply recognizing that you should stop turn the game off, and walk away.  That's what I'm doing.

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