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Ghostbusters Review

The newest Ghostbusters movie is one that seemingly from the word go, has attracted some of the most vocal and passionate internet hate.  Yet, its a movie that so clearly never deserved any of it that actually sitting down and watching the movie almost feels weird.  Seemingly everybody already has an opinion about it.  

Getting down to actually watch the movie, what surprised me was just how enjoyable it was.  Ghostbusters isn't perfect, it has flaws, many in fact.  Yet, on the whole this is a movie that will make you laugh, it is a solid good movie, nothing more and nothing less.

The highlights of the film are easily Kate McKinnon and Chris Hemsworth, who shine in nearly every scene they appear in.  They are each playing silly, almost larger then life characters, both are roles that could very easily descend into cartoon territory, but McKinnon and Hemsworth always keep them from totally jumping the shark and in the process give the film much of its heart and spark.

Indeed, the entire first half of the film is a largely well-crafted and acted comedy.  The chemistry on-screen between all of the various leads is among some of the best your likely to see, and the film scores over and over again with its small and subtle jokes and winks at the audience.  Indeed in many ways Ghostbusters is one of the smarter comedy's I've seen in years.

Yet, that said, everytime I truly began to enjoy the film, it almost seemed to go out of its way to lose what made it special to begin with.  From over the top skits that didn't land, to poorly done action pieces, to finally jokes that over time just fell flat, the movie lost nearly all of its steam in the final act and save for two great cameos by the old cast never really recovered.

That's a shame too, because in arguably the films best scene, Ghostbusters showcased that it was capable of matching humor and action together in perfect fusion.  The scene where the crew heads to their first call, inside a fancy hotel is one that constantly produced some of the movie's best laughs.  Yet the minute it ended Ghostbusters began to make a series of bad decisions about where to go, that crippled the final act.

That's the problem with Ghostbusters.  The film is just sort of a mess.  At times really funny.  At others an incoherent poorly done action movie.  Still at others a fledgling horror movie.  The biggest problem with Ghostbusters, is that it never commits to any one of these things and thus, ultimately never nails any of them.  It flirts with being a more serious and scary film, yet it largely feels out of place given the more over the top aspects.  It's action scenes can never be taken seriously because you know there are no stakes involved.  Finally its comedy, so good throughout much of the movie falls in the final act, when the film switches gears for no reason to try to be the newest Rambo.  Ghostbusters isn't one movie, its about three or four different ones stitched together.  It's never outright bad, but tragically its never as great as it could have been either.  In the end Ghostbusters is mearly no more and no less then a good movie.

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