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Weekly Wrap-Up July 17th, 2016

Sunday means its time for another weekly wrap-up of the highs and low of this past week.  My Tales from the Borderlands playthrough and Mini NES news dominated the week for me.  The week saw me play through the final three episodes of Tales from the Borderlands, a series that on the whole left me laughing and smiling, even if it didn't quite match the highs of some of Tell Tales other series.  That coupled with the news that Nintendio is launching a mini NES with 30 classic games packaged with it, were far and away the highlights of the week for me.

I also continued my journey through the third season of the Sopranos, but a little bit slower then I would have liked, hopefully this new week can see me really start to dig into the show and I can make some serious progress towards finishing it and posting my summer flashback review of it.

As for whats on-tap this week, I will be posting my review for the fifth and final episode of Tales from the Borderlands, possibly as early as today.  I will also finally be giving my reacts to the mini NES news, spoilers I can not wait, and as I mentioned above I will make my way through the Sopranos.  In terms of games being played, I think I am in the mood for something light and simple so I will probably continue to play through Resogun or Guacamelee.

Now for this weeks PS I Love Your Work shout-out.  Trevor Starkey is the lucky guy I'm calling out this week.  Trevor's work over at TrevorTrove.com is some seriously good stuff, covering the broad happenings of his life.  From how to stage a meet-up, to his reviews of games, to his fantastic coverage of the mini-NES news, Trevor is doing awesome daily content over at his site and is a big source of inspiration for this segment.  He writes and publishes something new every single day, which I can assure you is some seriously major work, do yourself a favor and check out all of his great work.  

Now I'm gonna go out and enjoy this fantastic weather outside, so until next time folks,

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