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Tales from the Borderlands Episode 4: Escape Plan Bravo

All over the map.  That's perhaps the best way I can describe Tell Tale's penultimate installment in the Borderlands series.  There are some truly emotional and hilarious moments here, yet in the end they are largely overshadowed by the massive sense that nothing really interesting or exciting is happening.  

Escape Plan Bravo seeks to show our ragtag band of misfits planning a heist type mission on the headquarters of Hyperion.  This is an exciting idea for the episode, the only problem is that literally from the opening seconds, the episode went almost out of its way to remove as much tension as possible.  

I never felt like any of my characters were in any real danger, a stunning turn of events after the past few episodes of the season.  Worse still was the fact that for long periods of time it just sorta felt like nothing was really happening.  Rhys, Fiona, Sasha and company were all just sort of doing nothing.  Which leads to perhaps the episodes and really the series biggest problem, the characters.  

I really enjoy the characters of Tales from the Borderlands, it was a learning curve at first to enjoy Rhys and Fiona but once I did I was totally on board, the problem was that these characters, particularly Rhys just seem to misfire every now and again.  Yet, usually that could be fixed by the excellent cast of supporting characters present in this series.  

Except it almost seemed like this episode went out of its way to either sideline most of them, see Sasha, Athena, Vaughan and Gortys, kill them, goodbye Scooter, or have them appear but in a different form, hello Vasquez, well kinda.  This can be dragged out further by stating that this episode largely consisted of individual characters doing things, they never really were all together in a meaningful way.  This is a travesty because Tales from the Borderlands and all Tell Tale games shine brightest when the characters are together. 

To it's credit, this episode did feature one of the single most funny moments I've ever seen in a game, where Rhys gets mixed up in a mass finger gun firefight with Hyperion workers.  Hilarious, over-the-top, and unexpected it was the perfect culmination of a gag started back in the series first episode and left me nearly crying from laughter.

The games ending was rushed, sloppy, and just jarringly ended.  The standout moment was a mass finger gun fight that ranks among the most funny moments I've ever played.  The episode missed much of its spark and spirit and featured a tragic early death.  All of these things can be said to describe Escape Plan Bravo, yet in the end, the best description is simply the one I used at the very beginning, all over the map and just half baked.  After how remarkable the previous episode was, this is particularly bad, yet hopefully it means that Tell Tale saved all of their big punches for the series's final episode.  That's what I'm hoping for.

Weekly Wrap-Up July 17th, 2016

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