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My Favorite E3 Moment.

As E3 beckons next week, I have been making bold predictions about what we will see and listing the games I am most excited for.  Now however, I'm something a little different, i am looking back at the moment that most blew me away, that left me simultaneously speechless and yelling in joy.  For all of the crazy moments, games, reveals, and twists of E3 only one moment has ever truly made me lose it and that was the close of Sony's 2013 Press Conference.

The whole day was a blur, just conference after conference as I sat and watched the whole grand thing for the first time.  Microsoft had their conference earlier and talked more about their upcoming new console, the Xbox One.  Microsoft mentioned over and over about how it was more then just a games console, look its got TV functionality and Netflix they cried.

A few months earlier, Sony had unveiled the PlayStation 4 and their conference had gone off incredibly well, particularly for PlayStation.  Now as their conference began, rumors began to swirl, how much would their console cost?  Would it be as much as the Xbox One?  When would it be released, could you share games?  So many questions were waiting to be answered and based off of what everybody knew of Sony, nobody was thinking they could win on every point, there was some mistake they were going to make.

The conference started and Sony showed off games, talked about hardware and basically were just having a normal conference.  Then all of a sudden about an hour and twenty minutes into the conference, Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO, Jack Tretton steps onto the stage and everything begins to change.  Tretton immediately mentions that you will not be required to be on-line to play games, that you can share used games with your friends, that you won't have to check in every 24 hours.  Tretton just dropped bombshell after bombshell clearly enjoying the fact that Microsoft's earlier conference played perfectly into Sony's hands.  Finally he introduced Destiny and walked off-stage, it appeared that was the end of the big news.

Then Destiny's demo came to a close and Andrew House was standing on stage to close out the conference and share one final piece of news.  Then House dropped the final blow on Xbox, PlayStation 4 would cost $399, a staggering $100 cheaper then Microsoft's Xbox One.  The place erupted, I lost it, and with one fell swoop PlayStation delivered one of the most stunning and in your face press conferences in E3 history.  They directly confronted Microsoft on a number of issues and pointed to the fact that in every way Sony's console was better, more accommodating, easier to use, and finally far cheaper.  It was such a brilliant close to the conference that almost in an instant gave PlayStation its lead in this console generation that it has never lost.  It was and remains as great a conference as anybody launching a new console could hope for and remains far and away my favorite moment in E3 history.

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