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As we get closer to the start of of the newest edition of E3, I thought it would be only fitting if I gave my predictions of what this years conference will showcase, beginning with....

Sony Bend's Game

What in god's name have Sony Bend been working on all these years?  The time has finally come to pull back the curtain and reveal the studios long in development project.  I expect big things out of Sony Bend and view this as their coming out party of sorts.  If everything goes well, Bend's game can mark the start of a new PlayStation series that can help define the PS4.  It's time to finally come out of the shadows Bend.

Sony spends 15 minutes or more on PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR launches this fall and as of right now there is still no killer app for the piece of hardware, I think that changes with E3.  I expect to see Sony launch an all-out VR assault at E3, they will be talking about why it matters, showing off games, and revealing a big triple-AAA game for VR to truly get everybody on board with this potentially game-changing innovation.   But who knows, I said the same thing last year.

Microsoft and Sony both show off updated versions of their consoles and both are coming out within the next 12 months.

It doesn't matter what people think about this or not, it doesn't matter if it will ultimately be a success or failure, Xbox and PlayStation are getting mid-generation console updates and you better be prepared for it.  I think Sony announces the PlayStation 4.5 or Neo is coming out this fall and will be priced at $399.  As for Microsoft their updated console can really go in so many different directions that its a lot harder to look into my crystal ball to see what they will do, but I wouldn't be shocked if their updated console is also $399 and likely to come out sometime in 2017.

Sucker Punch's Spider-Man game is real and coming out fall 2017.

This one is a bit more far-fetched, but for the love of all that is holy please let it be true.  There doesn't even have to be gameplay or a trailer or anything.  Just give me a logo, give me something to make this unbelievable thing be true. 

PSN name changes are real, get hyped.

After so many years of rumors, hope, and dashed dreams, this is the year where Sony will finally give gamers across the world what they've wanted.  They will finally let us change our names.  My even bolder prediction on top of that, is that Sony will announce that it goes into effect the second the press conference ends.  Chaos, riots in the streets, the stuff of dreams, its finally here, we can change our names.  Its real.  Hey, I can dream right?

So those are my 5 predictions for this years E3.  Maybe I will get them all right( unlikely) maybe I'll get them all wrong( far more likely) either way, this is one of the most exciting times of the year to be a gamer and I can't wait to see what surprises developers and publishers have in store for us all.

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