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Most anticipated games of E3

As the latest Electronic Entertainment Expo gets ready to kick off one week from today, I thought it would be only fitting to once again name the games I am most excited to hear and see more of.  E3 is one of the most exciting times to be a gamer, its all hype and potential and promise.  The games revealed might never make it out, they might be disappointments or smashing success's, yet for one crazy, tiring, long, and thrilling day in June they all showcase what makes games so special, in their ability to wow and surprise.  Now to my most anticipated games for this E3.

What is the last guardian???

That's all really.  What is this long delayed, soon to be released game exactly?  What am I going to be doing?  Honestly no matter the answer I am going to be far more interested in the story of what happened behind the scenes, still  I think its possible this game can actually be something different and I'll settle for that.

Horizon Zero Dawn

I can scarcely put into words how hyped I am for this game.  Gorgeous, with a thrilling, fun gameplay system and RPG elements Horizon was in the running for being the game I was most excited for this year before its delay.  Even with that I can not wait to see some more of this game and get a little more comforted knowing that when it does finally come out it will be remarkable.

 Sony Bend's game

Sony Bend has been dormant for years.  Now as rumors begin to percolate about their game, I can safely say that the potential launch of a brand new PlayStation franchise by this great studio would be among the highlights of the entire conference to me.  Please oh please let the Dead Don't Rise rumors be true.

Let me see more of Battlefield One

I know that this might sound like an odd one, but Battlefield One is among the games I am most curious about this year.  If handled right, its World War 1 setting can be a breathtaking glimpse into one of maddest, most pointless, brutal times in human history as all of Europe went up in smoke over entangled alliances and personal feuds.  To set a big-budget, modern first-person shooter there takes a tremendous amount of guts, but the potential pay-off that awaits if its done well could see BF: One became one of the great and thought-provoking shooters of the modern era.

A must have PlayStation VR title.

Sell me on PlayStation VR Sony.  Right now, I am greatly intrigued by VR but haven't really been too excited by the so far announced games for it, that can change with E3.  Give me a game that makes VR something I have to have, something that makes me truly believe Sony is committed to VR and cares enough about it to produce a triple A title for it.  Basically just give me a reason to truly believe that PlayStation VR is the next big thing.

As E3 dawns next week these will be just the tip of the iceberg for the games I am eagerly waiting for, whether I see them or not, I can't wait to see what the this years E3 has in store for gamers across the globe.  Who knows, maybe my prayers will be answered and we'll finally get a sequel to Bully.  Crazier things have happened.


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