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2016 Mid-point check in.

Three Month ago at the end of March I sat down and wrote about how the year had gone so far.  I discussed what some of my favorite games were, the material I was most proud of writing, and how I was proceeding in checking off my goals for the year.  Now as June comes to a close and we hit the half way mark for the year, I thought it was only fitting I did the same thing again.

This year has seen me take great strides in seriously committing to this path of writing and discussing games.  When the year started, I committed to the pledge that I would write at least one new post every single week.  Well needless to say I have more then exceeded that now.  From launching my own website, to moving to writing multiple new posts every week, to branching out and beginning to write about different things these past three months and particularly this past month, have seen me truly begin to step into my own of writing and crafting my thoughts.  

The launch of LeftyLoggy dominates the affairs of the past three months for me.  Just jumping completely into the deep end of my dream to write, was far more work and far more fulfilling then I expected it to be.  From my introduction to the site, my farewell to Muhammad Ali, my multi-week coverage of both pre, during, and post E3 content, to finally my game reviews, I have branched out and gone in far more directions then I initially thought I would.  

This has been an incredibly exciting first month for LeftyLoggy as I continue to figure out and grow what the site is.  Within the next few months I plan on continuing to explore new avenues and take LeftyLoggy down new paths.  The biggest venture of all that I have laying in the pipes is the launch of the LeftyLoggy podcast.  While not happening tomorrow the ground is being laid now for this flagship feature of LeftyLoggy.  I am incredibly blessed over all that I have accomplished and all the support I've had these past few months and as I turn to the next three months of the year and to the next phase of what LeftyLoggy.com will be, it is with the firm knowledge that the best is yet to come, both for this site and for my own future of writing and creating content.

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