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Weekly Wrap-Up June 26th, 2016

Hey there everyone!  As we settle into this nice Sunday morning, I thought it would be nice to glance back to this past week and everything that happened in it, while also taking a peek into what I've got in store for the upcoming week as well.

My tour de force flashback viewing of The Sopranos has put me in a Mafia type mood, that coupled with my excitement over the release of Mafia 3 in the fall, led me to get and begin playing through Mafia 2.  While my actual review and opinions on the game will come later, suffice it to say, that it is a wonderfully tailored story, with a clear attention to detail and lovingly crafted to place you in a certain setting and mood.  At the time of writing I've finished 11 of the games 15 chapters and its a joy to play.

That said I've also continued my viewing of The Sopranos and I'm now closing in on finishing the second season of that show as well, expect my flashback review of this great shows somewhat conflicted second season within the next week or so.

This leads us to my plans for the upcoming week.  Now that i'm finishing up Mafia 2 you can expect my final review of that game this week.  I'm aiming to have it up by Wednesday but it could possibly be up even quicker.  At the same time I am planning on diving into Doom and possibly Oxenfree next, so expect to see my initial reactions to those games in the coming days as well.  I am also beginning work on a few larger projects that probably won't see the light of day for a few weeks, but that are ideas that I'm really excited and proud of.  Beyond that, we will just have to see whats in the tea leaves and whats going on in the world of games, movies, TV, and whatever else interests me and my silly mind.  Until next time

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