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Why the reviews of Mighty No. 9 make me sad.

Mighty No. 9 isn't a good game.  It seems that no matter who you ask, IGN, GameSpot, Kinda Funny, or just the average kid on the street, the game, is stale, boring, unoriginal, and basically just not very good and perhaps outright bad.  That's a real shame, particularly considering the lineage behind this game.

While I never expected Mighty to be the next coming of Mega Man, I was still hoping and expecting that it would be a fun, quick-paced game that would feature many nice nods to the Blue Bomber and serve as a nice spiritual successor to it.  Sadly though, that does not appear to be what we got.

This is particularly troubling for long time and passionate Mega Man fans, of which I am a recent convert.  I had never really played any of the Mega Man games, until the Legacy Collection came out a year ago, spoilers that collection and the games it stores are remarkable, still even someone as new to Mega Man as me feels a tiny ping of sadness at what this game could have been.

I'm not saying Mighty No. 9 had to be some ground-breaking or stunning piece of gaming, but I don't think it was to much to ask that the game at least be good and a joy to play, neither of those things are true.  

Really though, I'm just sad.  Sad at what this game wound up becoming, sad at the thought of all of the deeply passionate and hardcore Mega Man fans out there who got excited or perhaps even gave money to the kickstarter, only to get a subpar product and massive let-down.  I'm just sad at Mighty's seeming inability to be able to reproduce the joy, thrills, fun, and wonder that its spiritual forefathers did in the Mega Man games.  Ultimately, the disappointment of Mighty should make nobody happy and lots of people sad and thats just a waste.

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