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E3 Predictions Results

Leading into E3 I gave my five predictions for what we would see at this years E3.  From simple, not too crazy guesses, Sony Bend and PSVR would make appearances, to some that were quite a bit more pie-in the-sky, PSN name changes for example.  Now with E3 finished and the dust finally settled from the week-long explosion of news and big reveals, I thought it was only right to reveal how my predictions faired.

Prediction 1: Sony Bends game is shown off.

It didn't take long for this one to be proven true.  The second game shown off at PlayStation's conference was Sony Bend's, long in development, Days Gone.  Looking tense, thrilling, and with some wonderful twists on the zombie genre, Days Gone was one of the most exciting games of E3, but that doesn't matter for right now.  My prediction was correct, one point to me.

Prediction 2: Sony Spends 15 Minutes on PlayStation VR.

I have Sony devoting a full 20 minutes to PlayStation VR at this years conference, highlighting some incredible looking titles for VR from Resident Evil, to Call of Duty, to even Farpoint, the future seems very bright indeed.  Thats without even mentioning the stunning Star Wars and Batman Arkham VR experiences that stand as some of the most insane things I've seen.  I'm very happy to say my prediction was correct, one more point to me.  

Prediction 3: Microsoft and Sony each show off updated consoles and both are coming out within 12 months.

Yeah yikes.  This one took a big blow the minute Sony announced that PS 4.5 wouldn't be making an appearance at all at this years E3.  From there it only gets even more complicated and confused.  Xbox did in fact reveal their new updated console and gave plenty of details about it, like calling it "the most powerful console Xbox has ever built".  Yet they didn't reveal or announce a release date for the new console, other then to say that its coming out in 2017.  So maybe I'm right about it coming out within 12 months, but maybe I'm not.  Without being able to know for sure, I can't give myself points for that, so instead i'll simply give myself a quarter of a point for Xbox showing off the console.

Prediction 4: Sucker Punch's Spider-Man game is real and is coming out in 2017.

You thought we were done with these complicated messes didn't you?  This one may actually be even tricker then the last one.  Sucker Punch is not making a Spider-Man game, so right off the bat there goes that.  However, a new Spider-Man game is being made by insomniac, but no release date of any kind was announced for that.  So at least 2/3rds of my prediction is totally shot, I probably could give myself some points of a Spider-Man game being real, but I just want to get outta this mess.  Tragically zero points.

Prediction 5: PSN name changes are real.

LOL.  No Points.

So there you have it, I scored big on my first two predictions and that helped to buoy my score for the trouble of the last three.  Still, overall I managed to gain 2.25 points and that's not too bad at all.  I can't wait to take what I've learned this year and use it to try and boost my score even higher for next years E3, until then have fun laughing at my extreme misfortunate of three of my predictions and let me know how any of your E3 predictions fared. 

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