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Most impressive games coming out of E3.

As we leave the crazy and exhausting week of E3, I have decided to once again venture forth and engage in my annual work of naming the most impressive games during the week long festivities.  So, without further ado, on to the games.

God of War

The newest God of War is seemingly everything I ever wanted from this series.  An immense massive world to explore, with deep, compelling characters, particularly Kratos, and a quick paced combat system that has evolved from the series beginnings a decade ago.  Long a series I have had a troubled relationship with, if this new GoW successfully hits all it's notes, it will pave the way for the most remarkable rebirth of a series in some time and can finally do the seeming impossible and make Kratos a relatable, even interesting figure.  High hopes abound for this ambitious title.

Days Gone

Taking a very clear page out of The Last of Us playbook, Days Gone, seems to be Sony Bends coming out party to everyone and I fully expect them to nail it.  Huge, somber, and just dripping with a melancholy sprit, Days Gone seeks to offer its own very different and unique twist on the zombie stories of old.  This was among the most ambitious and promising games shown off at E3 this year and if it can live up to its potential it could wind up becoming one of the defining titles of next year.

We Happy Few

Arguably the game that caught me most off-guard and that I find most impressive coming out of E3 is We Happy Few.  Clearly inspired from the works of BioShock and George Orwell stories of old, We Happy Few offered up something altogether different from everything else.  Featuring a beautiful art style and a tense, thrilling, vibe underneath its seemingly perfect facade, the world and society established by We Happy Few is among the most fascinating and full of mystery and depth that I have seen in years.  Promising to tell a narrative driven, complex story about how its 1960's inspired British society turned out so wrong, We Happy Few looks to offer up a wonderful new chapter in the history of utopia's turned tragedy and I can't wait to experience it.


I never played the original Prey, I had no context or understanding of what the series was and then a new trailer was shown off during Bethesda's press conference.  Featuring a dark, terrifying, grunge filled space setting, it sought to pick up the mantle of claustrophobic, psychological thrillers from Dead Space.  Adding in a story splashed with mixes of experiments gone wrong and not being able to trust anybody, or even what you are seeing, this new Prey looks like everything I didn't even know I wanted.  I would say I can't wait to jump in, but considering I almost certainly will be jumping out of my seat scared by what I find, I can wait a little bit.  


If Detroit is half as deep, rich with story-telling potential, and as complex and cinematic as Heavy Rain then it will be a success.  If it can actually live up to its promise and nail what it's trying to do then it will become one of the most stunning and breathtaking narrative experiences games have ever offered up.  Featuring a seemingly infinite number of paths and unique stories within itself and with the potential for all the playable characters to die or for none too, the butterfly effects present in the game sound astounding and from the limited gameplay shown off, this seems like a game ripe for crafting your own personal tale.  Twisting the typical Android/human story by shifting the focus onto the Androids and their struggle for recognition and by firmly placing the humans as the antagonists in the adventure, Detroit seems to be eager to flip and distort our expectations of the kind of story it can tale and instead seek to demand that we think, ask questions, and ultimately are impacted by its deep, twisty, philosophical tale of humanity and what makes us, well us.

There you have it, just a small sampling of the games that most impressed me, those that left me jumping out of my seat, or eager to jump into their worlds and discover their big secrets and how things have gotten so terribly wrong in their stories.  All in all, this was among the most exciting and great E3's I have ever seen, featuring boat-loads of great game reveals and showcasing that the next few years of games are very strong indeed.  

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