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Batman: The Telltale Series impressions

With Telltale games revealing new details and images of its upcoming Batman series, I thought I would delve into the new information released by them and also from the interviews they've given since then, to give a quick reaction to this highly anticipated game.

To start with is the incredible look of the series, perfectly seeming to match the darker, more film-noir aspects from The Wolf Among Us with a stylistic and deep bold color palate that Telltale is known for.  This new Batman game looks like it could very well be the most visually stunning and impressive game Telltale has ever crafted and I can not wait to slip into this beautiful world.

 Even more exciting and promising is the fact that this game deals with a Batman and Bruce Wayne who are still struggling to figure out who they are.  From the interviews Telltale has given they were quick to point out that this isn't a year one Bats, which I'm sure is true, but if it's not year one Bats then it's certainly a year two Batman.  Young, still working out who he is and what he stands for, and struggling to build his place and establish his presence in Gotham, Telltale is perfectly suited to tell the story of a Batman still learning and navigating the tricky world of Gotham politics and intrigue.

Piggybacking off that point is Telltale's repeated stance that for however much time you spend as Batman, you will spend just as much as Bruce Wayne.  This deep look into the psyche of Bruce and what makes him tick, particularly at this early point in his career, opens the door for a number of interesting and compelling stories to tell.  The fact that very early on in the game you have a conversation with one of Bruce's best friends, Harvey Dent, only further grabs me.  The ability to forge or not forge relationships with all of these major players in the Batman universe, all while Bruce and not Batman opens the door for any future interactions to carry that much more weight and impact.  The very fact that Telltale seems intent on telling Bruce's story in a considerate and layered way and not just in a quick throwaway can ultimately make putting on the cowl at night that much more powerful.  Is Bruce trying to escape his worries by becoming Batman or is it the other way around?  The ability to answer that yourself leaves the world open for possibilities.

This ultimately presents us with the fact that we are crafting the Batman and Bruce Wayne that we want.  How do you respond to the immense challenges that will present themselves to you.  Always having to factor in not just how they will affect Bruce, but also his wider fight against the criminals of Gotham.  There were two scenes discussed by Telltale's, Job Stauffer,  in an interview with Kinda Funny that showcased this for me.  In one of the cases your playing as Bruce Wayne at a dinner party, when crime boss, Carmine Falcone, walks in and begins talking to Bruce.  You can engage in the conversation however you like and then a point will come when Falcone tries to shake hands.  You can either take his hand or refuse to shake, either way everyone in the party has stopped and begun to watch the two of you.  Whichever action is taken will have repercussions in how Gotham views Bruce Wayne and the things he stands for.  An even more interesting example comes when Batman and Catwoman are engaged in a fight on the rooftops of Gotham.  With helicopters whirling overhead and camera crews trained in on you, the two of you get into a tussle ultimately leading Catwoman to ask why you do what you do.  At this point, early on in Batman's career the answer matters greatly.  Your still trying to define yourself and what you stand for.  The answers you can give her, from taking a hard-line angry response of wanting to strike fear in the hearts of criminals, to a more optimistic and hopeful response of still believing in Gotham and its ability to get better, of the ability of the people to improve things, will greatly impact how the rest of the major players in Gotham view the Bat.  Will he be a terrifying giant of the night out to menace the underworld or a hopeful beacon for the city, serving as its watchful guardian?  The choice is up to you and is one of the most compelling and rich takes on the character I have heard of in some time.

The last little bit of news is the confirmation that the series will be a five episode run premiering in either August or September of this year.  Coming just around the corner here and knowing the length of the series is lighting the match on my countdown for this game that instantly shoots towards the tops of my most anticipated games.  Only time will tell how the final product turns out, but at this point in time, Batman The Telltale series is among the most exciting and promising games on the horizon and I for one can't wait.

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