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Sony E3 Press Conference Reaction

Sony's E3 Press Conference this year may very well have been the greatest gaming conference in history.  Delivering a seemingly never-ending series of major announcements and game reveals, all while refusing to ever lose its full throttle momentum throughout the conference, Sony crafted an E3 showcase for the ages and once again demonstrated why its succeeding so much this generation.  Below I give a quick rundown of some of the conferences major moments, so nearly everything.

God of War: Old Man Kratos looks amazing

The reveal of the newest installment of the God of War series may not be stunning news, but it is important and welcome.  My relationship with God of War runs the whole gamut of emotions.  I continue to stand by the belief, that the first God of War, is one of the most visually stunning and great games of the PS2 generation and a classic, all these years later.  Managing to craft an incredible cinematic world, with a breathless, at times even moving story, that still has some of the mediums greatest set-pieces and moments, while most importantly Kratos is still a somewhat real person with actual emotions other then anger.  God of War 2 managed to top all of the visual aspects, yet in it's story department began to lose its way as Kratos's tale began to make less sense and became more about always being angry.  By the time God of War 3 rolled around I had lost all interest in this series and never even got around to playing it.  Here though, with a new setting, the addition of a family for Kratos, and the appearance of a Kratos who has gained insight and wisdom and also the ability to control himself, God of War finally has me excited again to head back into this series and hopefully be impressed, not just of the visuals, but also about the games narrative and story it's trying to weave together.  No release date, but damn the game looks good.

Sony Bends' game is real!!

Long dormant Sony Bend finally revealed what they've been working on this whole time and it was wonderful to see.  Beautiful, tense, over-the-top, and with very clear inspiration drawn from The Last of Us, Days Gone looks like its been absolutely worth the wait.  With a 2017 release date and featuring a stunning gameplay demo, that showcased just how grand and immense the scale of the game could be, Days Gone has the potential to be a major force for Sony next year and could deliver one of the epic end of the world stories in games.

PlayStation VR is going to be awesome, isn't it?

Last week I wrote about the five things I was most excited to see at E3 and one of the items on the list, was a big budget VR game from Sony.  Well, we didn't get one big VR game from them, instead we got many.  From the truly terrifying Resident Evil 7 VR game shown off, to the Batman Arkham VR experience, to the breathtaking Star Wars demo shown, to finally the incredible looking Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare gameplay reveal, Sony went out of it's way to showcase just how much VR matters to gamers, and why we should all be invested in it's promise and future.  Never have I been more on-board with VR then I am right now, in the aftermath of Sony's excellent VR showcase.

Crash is back!!  Kinda.

Who would've believed it?  Crash 1, 2, and 3 are getting remastered for the PlayStation 4 this holiday season.  Easily one of the most surreal and out of left field announcements from the conference, the news that Crash Bandicoot will appear in any form on the PS4 is almost hard to fathom.  Whether this opens up the door for a future new addition in the series or not, this is one of the most crowd-pleasing and fan-service moments PlayStation could have possibly provided and a standing ovation to them for giving the people what they have demanded for years.

Spider-Man is coming to PlayStation!!

Holy Shit.  An insomniac developed Spider Man game is the stuff of dreams.  No release date was announced, but I couldn't care less, this game looks and has the feel of being the Spider Man game I've always wanted and I can not wait to get my hands on this.  I mean did I mention its a PlayStation exclusive Spider Man game?!?  What kind of world do we live in!


David Cage and company over at Quantic Dream have a mixed track record when it comes to its games, the success of Heavy Rain matched with the disappointment of Beyond: Two Souls.  Yet, their newest game Detroit, looks to be the fullest realization of blending games and cinematic, film like stories together.  Looking to craft an emotionally resonate story with very clear influences from Blade Runner, Detroit seems intent on exploring the ramifications and consequences of a world with humans and androids living together.  Sure to not always be pleasant or enjoyable, but always provide a thought-provoking and deep look at people and what we are capable of, both the good and bad, Detroit looks to be one of the most promising games of a stacked conference.

So there you have just some of the many standout moments from Sony's Press Conference, the relentless nature with with they attacked the conference and provided game after game after game with little to no  breaks, will likely be studied for years, as a how-to, to build a press conference.  Giving both longtime PlayStation fans and those new to the console maker plenty to get excited for.  Doing the exact opposite of many of their conferences from the past, keeping things short, concise, and with the focus very much on games and what the gamers want.  Sony truly managed to craft what may very well have been the greatest E3 press conference of all-time, what a hell of a time to be a gamer.

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