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Bethesda E3 Press Conference Reacts A.K.A. Prey looks amazing!

Last nights Bethesda E3 press conference featured plenty of games, some surprising and genuinely exciting reveals and seemed to cement Bethesda's presence at future E3's as well.  So on the whole it was pretty good.

Bethesda's conference immediately opened with a shock as the newest Quake game was shown off.  To say this was an out of left field surprise is an understatement and after the first two conferences this remains one of the biggest pieces of news.  Sadly though, I'm just not super into Quake and the news that its for PC's only killed any chance I will play it, still it looks quite good.

After this Fallout 4 DLC talk and news was next and while cool and enjoyable to see for all of the fans of the series, this series just continues to do nothing for me.  Still I am very happy to see just how much people love it.

Following Fallout 4 came what I regard to be the two biggest pieces of news not just from this conference but maybe from the entire day.  The reveal of Prey and the news that Bethesda has its  own VR set.  Lets start with Prey first.  

This new Prey looked amazing, there is no reason to beat around the bush or hide how I feel.  The game hit all the right notes, its looks to be a tense, dark, and thrilling space set tale and I can't wait to get more information about this game including a potential release date.  From everything I have seen so far this easily became one of the future games I am most excited to play and if done right could be a worthy successor to the legacy and style of Dead Space.

The news that Bethesda is getting involved with VR though has the promise to be the biggest and most long-lasting development from the whole conference though.  Offering VR experiences in two of their biggest games, Doom and Fallout 4, is a big announcement even if it seems like only Fallout will be playable with VR.  Still if Bethesda really is getting invested in VR it serves as yet another sign of how the industry as a whole is pushing this issue to the front of the table and determined to make VR happen and stick this time.

The conference closed with a long look at the upcoming Dishonored 2, that while beautiful and interesting still leaves me wondering if I will invest any time in that world.  The first Dishonored always struck me as a game that I should have loved and been captivated by, but just never was.  Who knows if the second game will fix that, but I can not stress enough how incredible the game looked and how deep and compelling the world seems, definitely a lot of promise there.

In the end Bethesda's conference wiped the floor with EA's earlier one, which to be fair wasn't the hardest challenge in the world.  Still from showing off Quake and Prey, to the news about Fallout 4 and Dooms updates, to the big reveal of Bethesda VR, to finally the long and deep dive into Dishonored 2, Bethesda really went out to actually wow and impress people and while perhaps not the greatest conference ever, it also certainly wasn't a bad one either.  Now on to the second day of conferences.

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